New Dreams, New Brews

Buko Salad Dreams will turn four in two months time. I couldn’t think of a decent metaphor to describe how fast time truly flies. It has been four years since the Korea trip. It has been four years since I finished college. It has been four years. And what has happened to me so far?

What happened in those four years–is something that’s only me and myself can know. But I tried. Believe me I tried. I tried to tell the whole world how beautiful life can be. Which led me to realizing that NOT living it to the fullest can be so fuckin devastating.

While I do not wish to leave Buko Salad Dreams for good (I swear I’m not saying goodbye — though the music I’m playin in the background while writing this sounds like the end of a movie), I am starting anew. It’s funny how this curious self of mine can only appreciate things in slow motion. Exactly 16 months ago, I have opened a whole new world called the Pinay Weekender, which I wholeheartedly destined to house my crazy, wary, wild thoughts.

Those four years were so colorful, the only thing to do now is to choose to live colorfully every single fuckin day. I have been off the grid for so long and it’s only lately when I got a firm grasp of the notion that indeed, WE ONLY LIVE ONCE. I do not promise any “cute but deep” stuff to post online. The only thing I wanted to do now is to LIVE COLORFULLY. And if you wish to know how I’m gonna do this or share your own experiences, then drop by at the Pinay Weekender.

Yes, unlimited coffee is on the house yo! *wink*


These Dreams: Three years and counting

Three years. Three long years. Three exciting years since that day. That wonderful graduation day. The day I welcomed the life outside school. Three years and this I say, is true—that the kind of memories we leave behind yesterday, the kind of things that we can look forward to tomorrow, all depends on what we choose to do today.

Serene Sky

Just a brief halt from my 365 Dream marathon… Buko Salad Dreams turns three today. Yay! Three years. Three wonderful years. I only wanted to share to the whole world the beautiful journey I had at the Land of the Morning Calm—South Korea. It was a dream come true for me. In fact, the first time I realize that yes, dreams do come true. And three years later, I’m now collecting dreams, sending a shout out to the universe—these dreams, yes, these dreams, let them fly. Set them free. Make them come true.

I don’t have extravagant plans for today. Only that I’m listening to this soulful song, I hope you do too. Remembering the first time I ate Kimchi and the letter I made for him. That thai movie I loved and that bus ride going north. This liquid dreams and and this very first post. They’re all memories now, immortalized by my Buko Salad Dreams.

I wonder, how come nobody asked why it’s called that way? Maybe people understood. I may not know how, but maybe they understood. I’ve been understood, has always been. I just found it difficult to accept this reality because I have been stuck in this cloud of senseless dreams for so many years. I’ve gotten used to them.

It’s been three years, or maybe even more. And I guess, it’s about time to wake up, turn these dreams into a series of coffee breaks, into countless mornings and sunsets, into never ending tales of love and misadventures. It’s time to rise and shine, Joan.

Because happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is. –Mandy Hale

I’d like to give myself a tap on the shoulder because 206 posts later, I know, I feel, I’ve become a better version of me. I’m still ambling the rough road. But I know deep inside, Joan version 2.0 is there, waiting for me to arrive.

Cheers to Buko Salad Dreams. And allow me to welcome… The Pinay Weekender. Soon. Let’s love weekends together. This October.


344. Gab from Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines


It would sound like I have no ambition, but I’m contented with what I have—steady job (I get to buy what I want to even if I have to work for it) and good, loving family and friends. Walang halong chenes or hindi ako nagpapakahero or anything, but my greatest dream isn’t for me. I don’t know why but I’ve always felt strongly about the LGBT community. I think they are just as important as a straight person—gender doesn’t define feelings, character or heart. My dream is for them to be granted equal rights. I am for those who choose to be happy regardless of—like I always say, love is love and nothing is ever wrong with love.