Album Title: “Your Universe” by Rico Blanco; Originally published at MYX Magazine, June-July 2009; On-the-job training with ABS-CBN Publishing Inc. – under Journalism Class

Joan, Intern; On Rico Blanco’s Your Universe; Originally chosen by Zsaris

Rico Blanco and his new world—Your Universe. After going solo the previous year, he surely is creating a new world with fresh song concepts and new singing approaches.

This is actually my first time to review an album and I am glad that an OPM icon’s CD went to me. As an OPM fan, yes, I have listened to 214, Balisong, Elesi, and even Bye Bye Na way, way back.

But the 10 songs in his debut album as a solo artist gave me whole new listening experience for my habitual afternoon music session. Still, some songs like Para Hindi Ka Mawala and Helpless remind me of the Rico Blanco that I have always known.

The electric beat of Say Forever welcomed me to his innovative universe. Just the first 30 seconds of the song made my head start rocking, which it never did with any of his songs before.

Ayuz and Antukin are some of the album tracks that captured my heart. “Kung ayaw may dahilan/Kung gusto palaging merong paraan.” These lines captivated my entire thoughts and left me singing like a sirang plaka the whole time.

The album’s title track, Your Universe, is actually a very momentous song. It has full of meaning and interpretation in it. “You can thank your stars all you want but I’ll always  be the lucky one.”  It left me wondering…where did Rico get the inspiration for such good songs in this album? Well, the answer is for him to know and for us to find out.

With its distinct track line-up, fresh rhythmical note, and unique song rendition, the album will surely change the world of its listeners. I did have a satisfying afternoon with my beloved music player and its new playlist. I even ended up with an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) of the album’s last track, Metropolis. “Sweet, sweet dreams/Sleep tight, goodnight.” So why don’t you grab a copy and allow yourself to experience a fresh atmosphere with Rico Blanco’s Your Universe. Who knows, it may just be the right ticket for a perfect new world trip just for you.


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