Dream Works

For OJT 1 entry, posted last April 20, 2009.

There was a dream. There was a candid dream. It was a beautiful candid dream. And in that dream…there was me. It was a me dancing with the beautiful harmony of life’s life, of life’s vigour, of life’s splendid playlist. It was a me caressing the indefinable silhouette of life’s cherished memories—music.

In that dream, I am in my space at the desk in the office of the country’s number one music magazine—MYX. I am holding my favourite pen, scribbling notes about my favourite local band—Hale. A short talk with them just finished and I am about to review my write-up about them for the MYX Peeks. As I reread my work, I considered three most important points that I never forgot since my Basic Journalism class—topic’s worthiness, story’s context, and a good lead.

In that dream, I am standing in front of Chito Miranda, Parokya ni Edgar’s frontman. I am holding my recorder and I am having a great time interviewing him for the the 25 Things About segment of the magazine. Good thing I am not the starstruck-caught-off-guard kind of person so the conversation went smoothly. I still would not be able to believe that I have enough self-confidence so as not to stutter in front of him. I kept in mind the major things to be remembered during an interview—establish connection with the interviewee, prepare guide questions, arrive on time, and most importantly, say ‘thank you’.

In that dream, I am preparing the camera to take good pictures of Juris’ room. She is the vocalist of Make Your Momma Proud or MYMP, also my favourite band. I am awed by the tidiness of her room and her personal choice of color for her curtains and beddings. But I do not allow myself to be intimidated by these. While working with the professionals, I learn to stay focus with the subject, avoid camera errors, and learn to work with my camera.

In that dream, I am manoeuvring the mouse of the computer. It is late in the evening and I am still at the office. I am helping the layout artist with the raw arrangements of the magazine’s next issue. It is, indeed, a privilege to be able to contribute good ideas and fine inputs regarding the nest issue’s new look. Of course, I will not forget about the basics of lay-outing that will forever be treasured in my heart—relate texts and pictures, play with the elements, and of course, use only a maximum of three typefaces. This is actually one field where I can see myself in the future.

And then, I will wake-up with the music of sentimental symphonies. I will sit down at my bed and try to recall that dream. I will tell myself, “now…you’re awake,” and that everything will change. I will become the girl who trusts her capabilities and expands her limitations. I will become that adventurous girl geared up for the world beyond her comfort zone. I will become the girl, with that same simple dream, realizing the things written in her heart. I will be a Mass Communication graduate ready to take the world of media face to face. Where this dream will take that girl, it is still a mystery to be solved. For now, what I am clearly aware of is that they all began with a dream, a candid dream, a beautiful candid dream.


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