Definitely a good way to conclude my student life and welcome the whole new world of the work force. This was the reflection paper I wrote for my very first major subject in college way back in year 2007. Encountering and reading it four years after, I guess I could say that I was pretty consistent and knew what I wanted after all. I just thought I didn’t.

“Pro deo et Patria: In the service of God and country.” These words were inscribed in forehead all my life. There is no wonder why I am a service-oriented person. During the earlier days of my student life, I have always thought that what the teachers convey to us was a very idealistic world—beautiful, wonderful, and peaceful. That was why sometimes, I thought that my teachers’ “wonderful world” is but a dream or just too good to be true, until I reached sixth grade.

My last year in grade school was the time when a gateway to the world called “opportunity” came my way. Our school paper moderator took a big risk by asking me to participate in a school press conference. I had no idea what it was. During that time, I felt as if I had no choice. Nevertheless, I was actually thankful for not having any option. I did not know what force manipulated the whole situation. But the thing was, I won and proceeded to the regional and the national level—a big shock considering that it was my first time and did not have any background. It felt like going to the battlefield without any weapon.

That occurrence, in fact, was my starting point. Because of that series of fortunate events, I realized that students like me could actually do something to change the world and make it a better place to live in.

From all the thinking and reflecting I have been doing for five years now, I finally came up with a game plan. I will take mass communication in college and graduate with this degree. Then I will work in a mass media industry.

Mass communication is the “process of creating shared meaning between the mass media and their audiences” and the “technology that carries messages to a large number of people” is what we call mass media (Stanley Baran, 2006). Now, why mass communication? Our second year high school moderator, Bro. Jason Dy, SJ once said that according to St. Ignatius, there are different means to an end. For me, a way to meet my end, which is to help in slowly changing the world for the better, is to become a good and effective communicator and master at least one mass media field, magazine in particular.

According to Baran (2006), magazines are the “medium that first made specialization a virtue, and they prosper today by speaking to ever more narrowly defined groups of readers.” Considering this unique feature of magazines, I can easily reach my target audience, the youth. Jose Rizal once said that our nation’s future lies in the youth. Therefore, it is best to aim and begin change in them. Working in this industry may not be very easy especially if I take into account the advertisers. The magazine industry greatly relies on advertising for its survival.

Nevertheless, like what our Introduction to Mass Communication teacher, Mrs. Monabelle Delgado, imparted, I believe that there are great chances for me to succeed if I love and I am happy with what I am and will be doing. Seeing me working for a teen magazine would really be a dream come true.

It is indeed a huge challenge to accomplish this ambitious game plan. But I always put in mind what our Basic Journalism teacher, Ms. Jessica Pabellion, shared in class: “Nobody says you cannot do it.” Many factors would really try to hinder me from achieving my goal. But in the service of God and country, I know I can do something and I will do something for the betterment of my community.


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