Assassins are AWWsome

It’s amazing how love can go beyond ambitions, beyond hatred, beyond revenge, and even beyond chasing after a miserable past. “What is unattainable speaks not of what can be pursued.” And I believe that we are being drawn into this vibrant world to pursue one vital thing—LOVE.

If we do not love, who are we? If we don’t want love, then what else would we want? I can’t believe these are the things that a Chinese movie entitled Reign of the Assassins made me realize. I’ve watched the film simply because it’s a Black Saturday and I don’t want to sleep off the entire afternoon. So I chose a movie that I thought would keep me awake. I expected it to be grotesque, to have a lot of killings and murders and blood dripping and swords kwanking. Ok. I’m stopping. But it turned out to be a worthwhile movie watching experience. The whole one hour and 55 minutes was a blast.

I love everything about this movie. From the cast to the story, to the stunts, and the quotable lines, JUST EVERYTHING. So when I did a little research, I found out that this film included a star-studded cast, for me at least. It stars Michelle Yeoh from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Her moves were… (for the lack of better terms) amazing. Shan Cai or rather Barbie Hsu, Taiwanese actress and singer whom we all have known in Meteor Garden (this also made me miss Dao Ming Si and F4) plays the role of Michelle’s supposedly alternative when she left Dark Stones (the assassin’s group name). And, AND, there’s Jung Woo-sung, a South Korean actor which made a noteworthy mark in my movie watching world as Jin-Woo in A Sad Movie, Park Yi in Daisy, and of course, Cheol-Su in A Moment to Remember. He always play this lovable character in all his films. AWWsome.

So, I’m not gonna put you into information-overload mode. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this film. It was as if this film was a convergence of Asian film dynasties! Or maybe it was really suppose to be that way. Haha! Anyhow, it was just 14 minutes ago when I finished watching it. And it’s giving me the feeling that I would really, really, like REALLY watch it again SOON:)


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