K-drama Review: MBC’s Heartstrings (Bringing back that kilig-to-the-bones madness)

Dao Ming Si started it all with the F4 fever in Meteor Garden. What came after was kind of a blur. But then, Gu Jun Pyo awakened that giggling sensation with his cute smile and dimple as Korea’s version of F4 in Boys Over Flowers (though I’m still at a lost for thoughts why they adapted this title). After that, Jang Geun Suk (He’s Beautiful) and Hyun Bin (My Lovely Kim Sam Soon) kind of stole the tube for quite some time. But the magnitude of that kilig-to-the-bones madness was incomparable to that of the first two (though for me, Jang Geun Suk’s lovely voice was able to sweep me off my feet). Until Jung Yong Hwa invaded my infamous live stream K-drama feed.

I was a bit scared that I might have already lost that kilig-to-the-bones madness that I kind of needed for me to supplement my daily, stressful activities. A.N.JELL and their songs magnified that sensation with Jang Geun Suk’s voice and smile as an ultimate plus. Park Shin Hye’s sweet rhythm also went along with my feel-good playlist. He’s Beautiful’s plot also reminded me of my addiction with Coffee Prince, you know, a girl character trying to play along a guy’s role. It was fun and simply stress-relieving. I wasn’t able to get myself hooked with other Asian drama’s like the one I had with the titles mentioned after quite some time. And then, I discovered Heartstrings. This is where the road to bringing back that kilig-to-the-bones madness begins.

  • Cappuccino for 2000 won

Gyu Won became Lee Shin’s slave. He made him fix the drama room, replace him in class, write reflection papers for him, and buy him Yun Su’s favourite coffee worth 2000 won. That coffee made a constant appearance that quite emphasized the development of Gyu Won’s feelings for Lee Shin.

  • Riding his bicycle

Lee Shin is the popular guy. Everybody likes him. Every girl dreams about him as their prince charming. That is why, it’s not quite a shock when the girls saw Lee Shin drop Gyu Won in school because he gave him a ride. Not to mention the deadly stares that they’re giving Gyu Won for even holding Lee Shin’s waist so tight, as if she never wanted to let go, as if he was hers and she was his.

  •  Finding the G-clef necklace

It was the turning point. Gyu Won is someone who’s stupid and dull in Lee Shin’s eyes. Simply because he only sees Yun Su.  That’s why he can’t really fathom the idea that Yun Su rejected him without even thinking twice. She even dumped him two times and both were as painful as the first time. Especially when she returned the G-clef necklace Lee Shin gave her for her birthday. Lee Shin threw them away. But still not accepting the fact that Yun Su doesn’t like him, he made Gyu Won look for it in their school’s backfield. Gyu Won, being the type, passionately looked for the necklace even though she doesn’t know what it looks like and who it’s for.

  •  Together under the rain

It was a very remarkable scene. It was pouring so hard they couldn’t move on under the rain. They had to stay in one place. It was after Gyu Won found the necklace. And then, it was after Gyu Won saw Yun Su hugged Lee Shin. It was even after Lee Shin’s heart got so broken and realized Gwu Won has always been by his side. It was when he looked Gyu Won that way, in that special way, and went near her and took the Gayageum from her and carried it for her.


  •  This song sang only for her and her alone

Gyu Won was so sad. She wanted to be alone. Lee Shin was looking for her. He was looking for her every where but he couldn’t find her. Then, he went to the school’s sound system. It was then when the entire campus, the entire girl population heard him sing. Lee Shin, The Stupid band’s kyupta lead singer, sang his heart out. “Smile, don’t cry.” As if he never wanted to stop, never wanted to stop until his voice can find Gyu Won, who’s crying her heart out, somewhere his voice can only find her.

I am currently listening to “Because I Miss You”, “Star”, and “See My Eyes”—Heartstring’s OST. It definitely made me feel good and gave me sufficient inspiration and energy to continue this kind of stressful work I’m having right now. And of course, it ultimately lead me unto having that kilig-to-the-bones madness once again, the only drive I need to never stop dreaming that my own Lee Shin will soon arrive and make me buy him Cappuccinos worth 2000 won, who would sing in the school’s sound system just to find me and comfort me whenever I feel blue. Heartstrings, kamsahamnida!


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