100 Days to my heaven

Christmas has always been a season to be jolly. And it has always been something I have looked forward to so dearly. It feels like cloud nine, like heaven, like dancing with the stars, like my own set of stuffed toys playing with me as if problems don’t exist, as if things to worry will never come my way.

The countdown started yesterday. And the eagerness starts today. I wonder what gifts I’ll have tomorrow. And for every single day. I just wish it’s going to be a happy day…always.

It has been quite a while since I felt this kind of enthusiasm for Christmas. May be because of time? Of my age? Of the days? Of the experiences? I really don’t know. But I’m glad it’s back. It’s like I’m back to being seven years young. Back when candies are enough for Christmas eve, when gifts are really presents and not just mere material things, when smiles and laughters are really for the birth of our dear Jesus Christ. It feels like being seven years young. Like being alive and doing things not for any other intentions. Like living according to our heart’s pure and genuine desire for happiness.

So for Day 100, be my star. Guide this kiddy eagerness and enthusiasm for the Christmas season. Like I’m back to being seven years old, before everything in the past 14 years have happened. Back when everything is fine and serene. For Day 100, please, be my star.


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