Song Review: SEE MY EYES by Jung Yong Hwa

Song Review: SEE MY EYES by Jung Yong Hwa of Korean boy group, CNBlue

Length: 5:53 Album: Heartstrings OST Genre: Acoustic Pop

Romanji Uyeonhido geureoke uri sijakdoennabwa, Cheoeumen sarangilkkeorago kkumedo ollanneunde geuge sarangiljuriya, Simjangi mak jakkuman dugeundugeun georigo (You have fallen for me the beginning started coincidentally for us. At first, I’d never know this would be love even in my dream, but it is.)

First beat pa lang, it feels like Jung Yong Hwa is going to sweep me off my feet na. And when the following notes came, even though I couldn’t understand a thing, I knew instantly that it’s a feel good song. That it’s talking about that person who inspires you, about that someone who loves you. It painted a huge smile on my face, as in a huge, huuuuuuuge smile:)

Romanji See my eyes neon naege ppajyeosseo, See my eyes neon naege banhaesseo, Sarangeun neul gapjagi unmyeongcheoreom onabwa (See my eyes you fell for me, see my eyes you have fallen for me, love always comes unexpectedly like destiny.)

Well, I guess it would really be appropriate to say that this is really the beauty of the arts —mapa music man yan, theatre, drama, o literature, name it. It almost doesn’t matter that the language/medium used is alien to you. Simply because you, artists, comprehend a universal language—the art of melody, of expression, of passion. You speak in tongues not everyone can appreciate. You communicate in words not all can grasp. You convey a message not everybody can understand. But at the end of the day, your works would, indeed, make people feel. You target that very aspect that makes humans “you-man”.

Romanji See your eyes naman barabwajwo, See your eyes nan neoreul saranghae, (see my eyes) isigani jinado yeongwonhi, (see my eyes) nado moreuge neon naege banhaesseo (see your eyes just look at me, see your eyes i love you, (see my eyes) forever and ever even after time passes (see my eyes) without knowing it you have fallen for me.)

This song proves that love comes in more unexpected ways than one. It may already pose in front of you as someone who needs comfort and sympathy just like what Lee Shin felt for Yoon Soo at first. Or it may also position itself beside you as someone who appreciates you and did not even notice that that someone has already fallen in love with you just like how Gyu Won was with Lee Shin. And when that particular moment arrived, when they both looked at each other’s eyes so intently, it was when they realized that they have already fallen in love with each other.

Neon naege banhaesseo banhaesseo dalkomhan naesarange nogabeoryeosseo (You keep smiling at me and starting to love me without even realizing it.) And then, without even realizing it, I have indeed fallen in love with this song and Jung Yong Hwa’s adorable voice. See your eyes naman barabwajwo, See your eyes nan neoreul saranghae (See your eyes just look at me, see your eyes I love you.) Saranghae, Heartstrings! I do hope MBC would produce another K-drama series like this one.


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