Becoming the IT Girl

It may sound a bit surreal that convincing one’s self to give status quo standards a chance might actually do you good: that maybe white is beauty, that straight is “it”, and that maybe slim is “in”—considering that the youth, in general, are more of the rebellious, stand-out type. But more than the commercialized sort of exquisiteness is the positivity it may bring not only to your physical beauty but also to the splendour it may offer to your soul.

The IT Formula

Cliché keeps on whispering to your ears that “true beauty lies with what’s within” and that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. That having a kind and pure heart, that being a woman for others, and that staying as a true and a good person is already enough. Because it has become an overused expression, the tendency is to actually overlook the reality that is situated behind those statements. But then again, this is about giving it a try, witness its effects first hand. Because sometimes, although it must be a most-of-the-time, going against the current is more than exhausting. It is soul draining, especially when in the middle of it all, you realize that it’s bringing you uncertainty, and worst, it’s bringing you nowhere.

1. Experience the worst of the worsts

Be aware of your vilest self. Discover its darkest feature and its most frightening tendencies. Know about the dismal things that lie in your vast consciousness. Don’t be afraid. Everybody has that ‘other side’, their very own ‘Nega Me’ as Scott Pilgrim vs the World would term it. Having sufficient knowledge about these things may actually gear you up to the external challenges that you will face in this realm of ambiguity. Who knows, it may just be your best weapon to battle against the world’s worst nightmare—you, yourself.

2.Having a peaceful sojourn

This is the part where you stop from your daily routines, look at the things your eyes don’t usually see, and listen to your inner self. Summarized in one word, you’ve got to reflect. Take a glimpse of all the things that is worthy of appreciation. Everybody is born in this world with their own set of wonderful memories worth reminiscing. If you want, you may even list all the things you’re thankful for, all the things that others value from you, all the things that paints a smile in your face, and bank on that. From the littlest things to the grandeur of this existence’s most savoured recollection—your life experiences.

3. Breaking free your way

You now have accurate knowledge of your ‘Nega Me’ and have powered up using your valuable experiences. This is the part where the narrator in Sucker Punch asks, “Who holds the key that can set us free?” And after a three second halt, she answers, “YOU. You have all the weapons that you need. Now go, and fight.” And so, this is the part where you start doing something you never did for you to have something you never had, and that is—a much, much, better version of you.

Starting when and how


If you think having dark parts in your skin and body don’t bring you much confidence, then avail skin cares that suits your type. If you think your hair is messy looking as it is, invest in hair repair services and be disciplined enough to maintain it. If you think your overweight figure hinders you from socializing and keeps you from meeting the boy of your dreams, then…you already know what to do. It may really take an enormous set of will power and determination, but you, yourself know that it’s not bringing you uncertainties anymore. Instead, it will bring you back your life and vigour.

These things are maybe because, indeed, white is beauty, straight is “it”, and that slim is “in”. Not in that commercialized sort of exquisiteness anymore, but more so in that personalized definition of beauty or your own way of becoming that IT girl. And of course, as status quo says, “there’s no better time to start doing things than…NOW.” So start NOW and become a better version of YOU.


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