BERX: Still until the last minute

 Originally written on August 31, 2006 with Julie Anne Marie Magaway.

St. John Berchmans was not noted for extraordinary feats of holiness or austerity, nor did he found orders or churches or work flashy miracles. He made kindness, courtesy, and constant fidelity an important part of his holiness. The path to holiness can lie in the ordinary rather than the extraordinary. His name meant “God is gracious”. That is St. John  Berchmans. How about  Berchmans ’03-’07?

Everybody in an honor’s class: a very well-respected class, a model class not only in the whole batch but for the whole high school body, a class where other sections look up to, a class with topnatchers, with dexteriuos, adroit brainyheads, a class of intelligent, smart nerds… oh come on! Is that what Berchmans should be?

It’s been stuck in our affixed brains that the students belonging to the honor’s class is so… so clever, so canny, so bright, so everything! But is that what Berchmanians really is? Actually, what our affixed brains dictate is totally different from what the Berchmans or usually referred to as Berx really is.

Photo taken by Tara Alcera at Fr. Bill Kreutz Campus, Brgy. Tumaga, Zamboanga City; edited by Joan Barredo.

Berx are real people. When I say “real people”, it means that they don’t just do things for the sake of blah…blah…blah, but because they know they want them and are capable of doing them.

Berx people are “pack one, pack all”.  If one lost, its everybody’s lost. If one cries, everybody cries. Though they have individual “barkadas” within the section, they do not close doors into being one with the whole class.

If you’re going to ask me to give a description to this class, it would be a one-of-a-kind word that spells U-N-I-Q-U-E. If you’re going to compare us from other pilot sections in the lower years or even from the past batches of Berchmans, we are superb!!! Almost all of us are childish, puerile, and juvenile. I guess this is what gives us a distinction from all other sections. It really is the difference!

If you’ll look closely to this section, you’ll say that they’re not only brains, they’re not only all about grades and academics. But this section is also all about having fun! As I can still remember, during our first year, we usually play “Si Mariang Makiling” every vacant time. We also love to play “Sisira Ang Bulaklak” and “Bahay-Kubo” during our choral recitation practices. During our sophomore year, we love to go to the backfield, form a very big circle and play “Pass The Message”. When we reached our third year, though our schedule is so tight and hectic, we still find time to play a native game called “Cha-Cha”. We even had a pair of slippers specially bought for this game.

Original sketch by Fr. Jason Dy, SJ – Sophomore Class Moderator

Every thing in this world has its own ups and downs, lights and shadows. I can say that one of our shadows is that we usually cram in the exam (I wonder how we can still make it…). Almost all students in this section has a habit of working at the very last minute. One of Berx even gave the class a subtitle “’Till the last minute”, and it is something that we won’t forget because we have already encountered a lot of incidents that involves time management. There are also some instances where the class was divided and later on formed small groups like the “Sincere Vhoys” or better known as the SVs. But despite all this, Berx is one. We are one—in heart and in soul. I can say that it’s our very nature to be always there for each other whenever one faces a difficult situation in his/her life.

Now that we are already in our final year in high school, a lot of things changed. We are now given the responsibility to act as a model to lower years. It seems just yesterday when we were still playing “Sisira Ang Bulaklak” in the high school corridor…


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