Youth Camp for Asia’s Future 2011: On Asia’s Smiles and Kimchi’s

My participation in the Youth Camp for Asia’s Future 2011 held in South Korea came as a blessing in disguise. I have never allowed myself to give these kinds of program a chance when I was still a student. I have taken every opportunity for granted. And I only realized now that more than that, I have deprived myself to discover more about me by involving in activities like this. This youth camp is my first out-of-the-country experience. But beyond that, this youth camp paved the way for me to get to know myself more. It has been a magnificent happening. It has been a life-changing experience. And so now, after two months, I am going to do some recollection.

The Beginning

 “And through appreciation and understanding, I believe that one effective venue for better connection among the youth in Asia is by featuring their best practices through media and publicity since this is one universal language any youth could comprehend, especially with the modern technology that we have.”

This is an excerpt from my essay entry which basically tackled about my relevant knowledge in Korean culture and ways on how to foster dialogue and mutual understanding among the youth in Asia. As I can still remember, I came to know about this opportunity during the peak of one of the biggest events I’m handling for my university. And to be honest, I only accomplished my requirements for this program within 30 minutes. I was even having second thoughts of joining or not. In my standards, it was kind of mediocre. I mean, hey, this would be the first time I’m going to engaged in international programs and yet I haven’t even allotted adequate time? But then, that’s what I meant when I said this youth camp came as a blessing in disguise.

I also remember that the very first person who knew about my acceptance in this program was my immediate boss, Ate Cellyn. Simply because she was seated beside me at that very moment and I can’t stop myself from crying with joy. Not that I don’t have plans of telling her, but my application began as a secret attempt. I was planning to brush it off, never expecting that I would get in. But I got in! I made it. Therefore, no more but’s.


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