Movie Review: Green Lantern

Who holds the key to set us free? Sucker Punch gave me the answer. YOU. You have all the weapons that you need. Now go out and fight. And who exactly is our enemy? Green Lantern gave me the answer. YOU. You are your worst enemy. And fear is its greatest weapon. Fear is what’s stopping you and makes you weak.

We all have our own sets of fear. we are afraid of one thing or more and we always look for something that would allow us to escape these fears…never really face them head on. Fear is what’s stopping you and makes you weak. And we always try to escape. That’s why coping mechanisms and escape methods exist—to divert our attention, to make us think that we are running further from what we are afraid of. but the truth is, we are not only prolonging the agony, we are going nowhere but near it.

We are not truly aware of this monster that’s feeding with our fears. That monster makes those fears its weapon against us—it limits us, it makes us weak, it hinders us from reaching our maximum human potential, it soaks the life in us, it sucks up our sense of living…our sense of vigour. But we can never really make it disappear. Nevertheless, it’s not reason enough to escape. We know what to do. Hal knew what to do. He knew he might die, but at least, he might die trying.

Sucker Punch told us that all the weapons that we need, we already have. And the green lantern made us realize that fear is our enemy and that our humanity, our life, is what we are fighting for, and indeed, it is worth fighting for. We do need weapons. And we do have an enemy. We also have allies. And we have our best anatomy. Why? because life is a bittersweet battlefield. Now, go and fight!


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