Juan’s New Moon

Originally published at El Fuente Magazine, Youth’s Prism Issue, 2nd Quarter, S.Y. 2009-2010.

We are his hope. We are his future.

Edward left Bella without any hint of him ever coming back. It was a shock of a lifetime. It was a black moment. Edward thought it was for the good. Bella felt empty. And so does Juan.


“I felt like I was trapped in one of those terrifying nightmares, the one where you have to run, run ‘till your lungs burst, but you can’t make your body move fast enough.” Yes. These were Bella’s words. Juan felt the same. Nobody could ever describe the fear of being trapped on your house’s roof since you can’t go anywhere but there. Flood water is surrounding you and you have no idea if you will still be alive in the next minute. every second was so precious. every second would always mean life or death.

typhoon Ondoy delivered a very vivid message—we are not taking good care of our mother earth. we can now feel her rage through Ondoy, Pepeng, Ramil, and Santi. according to typhoonondoy.org, tropical storms Ondoy and Pepeng left more than 600 people dead and ravaged almost Php 30 billion of infrastructure and agriculture. Juan felt Bella’s longing for Edward’s return.

Waking Up

“Time passes. Even when it seems impossible.” But, indeed, time is precious. after the terrifying nightmares that Ondoy and Pepeng brought in Juan’s home, there is one personality that Juan dela Cruz will surely be proud of—the Pinoy boxing champ Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacqiuao.

It was Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto’s turn to face the legendary boxing name Pinoy Manny Pacquiao. it was heart-warming for all the Filipinos, whose time stopped in front of their screens. from sports.yahoo.com, “Pacquiao knocked Cotto down once in the third round and again in the fourth.” Pinoys were able to put up a satisfying fight as Pacquiao grabbed the welterweight belt from the Puerto Rican boxer on the 12th round.

It was like Bella rejoicing with Jacob. Yet, still, it cannot fill in the emptiness of Edward’s absence. yes, Juan awoke. Bella awoke. However, this was just one of her dreams about Edward’s homecoming. it was time to sleep again.

The End

“I felt absolutely hideous in the morning.” And there is nothing more revolting than to take in the knowledge that more than 50 died at the Maguindanao Massacre last November 23, 2009. Armed men chose no one—men, women, civilians, and media men. Some were executed. Some were raped. And know what was worse? Some were even buried alive.

Now that Maguindanao is already in the state of Marcial Law, what is next? No one knows. The 2010 Elections is just a few months away. Few dragging months that we should all be keeping watch of. Many things could happen. Many worse or better things could happen.

It felt like Bella’s meeting with the Volturi. Yet, it just filled the emptiness, the blackness of losing hope. Will Juan lose his hope now?


“I was ninety-nine percent sure I was dreaming.” And Juan could not even distinguish nightmares and dreams anymore. but he was pretty sure that this time, it felt…good. Juan’s brother’s efforts just got recgonized internationally. It was as if all the past nightmares could be erased with this exultant event.

Efren Penaflorida, Jr., a Caviteno and a dreamer, was acknowledged as CNN Hero 2009. Appreciating his endeavours in bringing education to underprivileged children through his Kariton Klasrum. Efren was awarded CNN Hero out of the 9, 000 nominees worldwide. Juan does hope that there would be more Efrens in the coming days. Oh. Hope.

Maybe, there is still hope. For Bella, deep inside her heart, she knows she will see her Edward again. As for Juan, it would be you or me, the teens, the youth. We are his hope. We are his future. Let us not only be dreamers. Let us also be doers. And deep inside our hearts, we know that this is just the beginning of one exciting journey. Then, maybe, Juan’s new moon would end.


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