My Dear School Shoes

Originally written on March 12, 2011 as a graduation special.

So I only had you when I was entering my third year in college. It was love at first sight. The moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew, kind of instantaneously, that you were meant for me. That I’m going to spend the rest of my student life with you. That I would take good care of you and that ikaw ang bahala sa akin.

Our journey together has been catapulted into 2 straight years. And on the 9th of March 2011, I have to accept the fact that this will be the last day I am going to use you. You were with me when I submitted my thesis hardbound. And you were with me in a lot of events as I venture my last two years in the university realm.

You were there when I approached my major subject teacher and received my lowest grade ever. I was confused whether to sprint from the Masscom Faculty Workroom to any place in the world or just wander around, never minding where you would like to take me. You were there when I talked about my first love story, my first wrecked love story. You were with me when I ate Caramel Sundae at McDo, alone in an afternoon sunset. You were in pain with me as I run the whole streets of La Purisima, under the pouring rain and under my pouring tears, because somebody couldn’t last a day without hurting me emotionally. You were there when I was greeted by random people a happy birthday and you were also there with me, as I sat at the LRC steps alone waiting for a surprise from my college classmates, high school classmates, organization batch mates, or even just my closest friends…but no one came. You were there when nobody, nothing was there for me. You were there. You’ve always been there even during wash days, Saturdays, and Sundays.

You will always be a special part of me particularly, a vital part of my student life. All the endeavors that I have gone through as I face the final chapters of my college life, I journeyed them with you. All the running that happened dahil malelate na ako sa klase ni Sir Flores, all the strolling with thesis adviser Sir Panaguiton, all the walking from SACSI Office to Consejo Office dahil trabaho dito, trabaho doon, all the pagpoporma dahil emcee na naman ng isang event, kahit medyo sabog ka na, ikaw pa rin ang gamit ko. All those memories will always be treasured.

With all my body and soul, heart and mind, I would like to express to the whole world my sincerest gratitude for you, being with me and you coming into my life. Though hindi kita maipapamana sa kapatid ko hindi lang dahil hindi kami pareho ng size kundi dahil malapit ka na ring bumigay, I will never let you go. Dyan ka lang kahit hindi ka match sa kahit ano kong outfit (except for my school uniform).

And as I come to the last two weeks of my student life, we won’t be using our school uniform anymore. That’s why I’m taking this opportunity to say… Maraming, maraming salamat, aking pinakamamahal na sapatos.


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