Movie Review: View from the Top

One thing we can learn from watching “View from the Top” is that you really got to want something that much. It’s the first step of making things happen…effectively and successfully. Meaning, mediocre aside, you’ve got to want something so much to the point of widening chances and possibilities just to make it happen….magnificently.

But, of course, wanting something so much is just the pre-requisite of putting your heart on that something. However, although it may really be the first step to making things happen, we should, definitely, know first what that something is. Awareness. A firm grasp of that concrete and distinct something.

Dona is a very inspiring character played by Gwyneth Paltrow. She knew she wanted go and explore the world outside Silver Springs in Cleveland. And just by watching this TV show, she was inspired to become a flight stewardess. She got in as trainee first at the Sierra Airlines. Then later on, found herself becoming the next flight attendant for Royalty Airlines in New York.

However, the road going there was a tough one. She studied so hard and worked her butt off. And then, she encountered one of the biggest trials in reaching her dreams. Her best friend tricked her. She then found herself going back to Cleveland and working as FA for Royalty Express.

But because she wanted it so much, she didn’t stop until she found justice in her standing as Royalty’s FA. They later on discovered that Christine has change their student number and that she is also behaving so unwell as FA at Royalty Airlines New York. And so, Dona has achieved what she has always wanted, to become a Flight Attendant at the Business Class of Royalty Airlines bound for New York.

Though, the story doesn’t end there. By finally achieving her dreams, she has to make a big decision. By working in New York, she has to leave Ted, someone she met who’s totally head over heels with her, and she does feel the same. But at the time, she has thought that nothing would come in her way of making her dreams come true.

Now, this is the part where we must really know what is that something that we really want and would put our heart into it. When Dona was at the peak of her career, establishing networks, meeting VIPs, and going to places, she felt that it’s as if something was missing in her life. It was like realizing that this was her dream, this was what she has always wanted to do. But then, she finds herself asking, was she happy?

And when Sally Weston made her realize her heart’s inner desires, she gives up her FA career in New York and goes back to Cleveland, back into Ted’s arms. And there was an exciting twist at the end of the story, just watch it and fight out!

Going back, sometimes, we could really say that life is really a series of arrivals and departures, a queue of ends and beginnings. And somewhere in the middle of it all, we find ourselves at certain crossroads where both ways are so inviting and so appealing. We think that both ways offer a very good future for us, which we all want, right? But then sometimes, we have to take the one we think is the most pleasing for our future before we realize that it’s not really meant for us. And then, we would take the chance to go back to that intersection point and attempt to make a decision once again. Of course, with the hope for that optimistic chance to make our future by taking that other road we once thought was less inviting. And at the end of the day, we still decide not only with our minds, but also with our heart’s inner most desire.


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