K-movie Review: She’s on duty!

For quite some time now, I have been looking for a movie that would put me into fits of laughter, make me roll my butt with the action scenes and suspense effect, and throw me into a set of puzzling frenzy with the mystery scheme of every character—all at the same time. And now, finally, I have found it.

She’s On Duty, starring My Lovely Kim Sam Soon’s Kim Sun-ah as Chun Jae-in and Coffee Prince’s Gong Yoo as Kang No-young, would definitely offer its viewers a complete mix of action, romance, and comedy. I wasn’t able to compose myself even at least an hour has passed after I have watched the movie. I couldn’t get over it. There was almost a complete suspension of disbelief. I can’t totally grasp that Kim Sun-ah can do THE split and actually has an action movie! And of course, Gong Yoo has always been one of the Korean good kissers… on screen, I mean.

Having watched this movie has liven and stimulated my long sleeping dream of learning some action schemes and Kung Fu’s and martial arts or just simply get some action going on under my skin. I have felt a stupendous kind of girl power with all those stunts, especially with the one she and Ha Jung-woo has shared. It was…superb.


And No-young’s character in the film, as of this very moment (10 hours later), I still can’t fully quantify his full role description. I would really need someone to explain to me clearly… who the hell was he?!? Don’t get me wrong, though. I somehow have a grasp of his character. I just needed to hear them from someone. Can somebody out there do it for me? Open-mouth, Yahoo! Messenger-like effect.

She’s On Duty has instantaneously become one of the Korean movies on my top list. Why? Well, I just can’t seem to find any more synonyms for SPLENDID. It may even be the best understatement of the year. So why don’t you just go and watch it? Wink, Strawberry Shortcake way.


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