Of BFFs and K-pop Madness

When Andie immerses herself in the crazy, colourful world of K-pop, she never imagined it would change her life forever and lead her to finding the boy of her dreams.

Well, I’m not sure if having the comeback track of Super Junior (also known as SuJu), “Mr. Simple” and 2ne1’s “I am the Best” in my Asian playlist would count me as a K-pop fanatic. Well, maybe just a distant admirer would suit me better. After all, I’m head over heels with Kyu-hyun and Jang Geun Suk. And the latest in my Asian playlist? CNBLUE. Kang Min-hyuk and Jung yong-hwa’s voice are just simply…heavenly.

But, when it comes to K-drama, I think that is where the ideology of a “fan” would come in. Coffee Prince, Princess Hours, My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, Boys Over Flowers, My Girl, name it. K-movies? How will I, the movie buff, would miss a single K-movie? Not in the world. The Classic, My Sassy Girl, Daisy, A Moment to Remember, My Mighty Princess, She’s On Duty, again…name it. Laughs.I may not be collecting Sparkling and I may not have the K-pop edition of MYX Mag, but certainly I have grabbed a copy of Chinggay Labrador’s POPPED. I have been popped actually though not in the K-pop way. But definitely, in a K-drama kilig-to-the-bones kind of aficionado.

When I encountered this book in one of the not-so-bookstores in town, that one-liner didn’t give me any second thoughts to grab a copy of this mini-novel by Summit Books. Especially the last part. Laughs. Popped is about Andie and her BFFs who hang-out over some K-pop boy group and dedicates sobbing sessions over Coffee Prince for the nth time. The story highlights on their fan-girl trip to Seoul, South Korea. And all the semi-stalking, fan-girl-meets-celeb-ing, and love story on-the-making happens in the “dreamland” where all ‘K’ dreams come true.

What was actually funny was when I finished reading this book, I found myself getting into this Asian youth camp which was held in, where else could it be? South Korea! I was so hyped-up to go to the places mentioned in the story and see things myself! There was Myeong-dong and Hongdae, eating bibimbap and bulgogi. Uttering anneonghasaeyo to everyone and kamsahamnida most of the time. It felt so surreal. It is indeed a dreamland where anything can come true.

Will the K-pop fairy wave her sparkling wand and grant Andie and her friends their wishes as they adventure in the motherland? This time, the BFFs have no idea what to expect! But one thing’s for sure, they’re met with K-pop giddiness at every turn.

And a while after I came back, POPPED Too was released! I knew there would be a sequel to that sooooo bitin epilogue by the airport when Andie fetched Joon’s friend, Mac. I. Just. Knew. It. Laughs. When the first book focused more on what a fangirl can do and about having your BFFs with you on your most down moments, this time, the story revolved more on the lead’s budding love affair! Well, talking about finding the boy of your dreams AT the dreamland itself.

But what really caught my attention while I spend my Sunday afternoons, sprawled on my bed with some classics on the radio and a cup of coffee at my side table, reading this book and anxiously turning every page, is the fact that fangirls Andie, Nica, Cesca, and Trixie made me miss my own BFFs more.

I think I must’ve forgotten where I have hidden my sense of thoughtfulness since I wasn’t really able to let them know and feel how much I miss them. Yes, I still got those occasional GMs on but knowing myself way back, I can actually make I-miss-you-girls card and send them through snail mail or avail to TM’s unli call and ring them some time, or even just drop a simple “I miss you’s” in their wall at Facebook. I never really did any of those and I don’t know why.

Reading these two Popped books made me realize that more than the K-pop madness and fangirl activities, it really feels good to have fun and true friends who are willing to share and take part in your story. It doesn’t really matter if there aren’t any Daniel Henney’s or Gong Yoo’s around. Even no Hyun Bin’s or Lee Dong Wook’s. Although it would really be way, way better if there are. Laughs.

Anyhow, I just finished reading Popped Too. And I just finished seeing the girls one by one. Last June, I saw Rianne. In October, I saw Tin. And before it reached November, I get to see Jenica. And it feels so good that I was able to catch up with what they have been up to after leaving town.

This actually has shed some light in my wandering thoughts. I have comprehended that life is afterall, not just about you. It is also about the story you get to tell with other people, with your family, with your loved ones, and most especially, with your BFFs. And now, I’m actually dreaming of going back to THE dreamland, South Korea, with my BFFs and maybe, just maybe, also finding the boy of my dreams. Smiley face.


3 thoughts on “Of BFFs and K-pop Madness

    • Hey tinee gurl! awwwwww. let’s go out when you’re home this december! so much kwento! ahaha. i missssssssss u toooooooo! hug-oh-so-tight:D

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