Media Bucket

Originally written on December 2008 for TWELVE Magazine, Magazine Production Class of the Mass Communication Department, School of Liberal Arts, Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

May it be a college dean, a major subject professor, a discreet university staff, or a flamboyant college student—name it—we are all touched by the inevitable breeze of mass media. From the F4 fever to the “ito ang beat sabay-sabay” soft drink commercial, from Twilight Saga to High School Musical fanaticism to Jonas Brothers fervor. People and media share this hip relationship in many ways. Media has become an integral part of our daily lives that we are often oblivious of their existence.

So stay glued on your seats as the TWELVE team invades the campus to find out how Betty or Edward affected the lives of Ateneans in more ways than one.

  • How did Betty La Fea affect your life?

“It reminds me of one thing: why be afraid to face the world when you know you can shine!” –Avigale Arcillas, BS Psychology 1

  • If you were to write your life story into a novel, what would be its title and why?

“Transformation. My life has been an exciting period of constant transformation. I used to be so shy. But now, I have come out of my shell.” –Aireen Barrios, SLA Dean

  • If you were to make a movie, what will be the characters of lead stars?

“Mixed. May good, may bad para fair. Kasi kapag good lang lahat wala na ang thrill.” –Anthony Gil Maghanoy, AB Philosophy 3

  • If you were going to star in a movie, what would it be and why?

“’yung The Kingdom. The story is all about peace and order. Tapos, gusto ko ako ‘yung bida para sikat.” –Norberto Magsayo, Security Guard

  • Who is the best love team in show business for you?

“Uhm…si John Lloyd Cruz at Bea Alonzo. Cute sila, bagay talaga at maganda ipares.” –Benzon Solaran, Sales Clerk ADZU Coop.

  • If you were part of the cast of the Harry Potter Series, whose character would you like to portray? Why?

“I would like to portray the character of Hermione Granger…I can identify myself with her… She makes things look so easy though it really isn’t.” –Jan Joyce Lim, NAO Secretary

  • If you were a cellular phone, what model would you prefer and why?

“Motorola V3XX with matching Bluetooth. Connectivity in its finest.” –Jonathan Pajarito, CSIT Faculty Member

  • If you were a song, who would be your singer?

“Gareth Gates because he sings well.” –Robi Jone Lim, El Consejo Vice President

  • Do you believe in Peter Pan?

“Gusto ko maniwala… In a way kasi, ang mga tao may pagkaPeter Pan sa kanila, like me…hehe.” –Kellain Sandee Alvarez, BS Computer Science 3

  • Who is your favourite actor and why?

“Si… Bong Revilla. Magaling na artista, hindi siya over-acting tulad ng iba.” –Jerry Maglangit, PPO Maintainance

  • What is the best feature of your most visited website?

“Maraming direct download links ng mga animes na gusto ko especially Bleach. And you can download them in either AVI or MP4 format.” –Robin John Calumpang, SACSI Program Officer

  • Who is the Edward Cullen in your life?

“Edward Cullen in my life is my friend who I secretly admire so much.” –Crissa Mae Somblingo, BS Accountancy 2


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