White Balloons in the Sky: A Eulogy

Originally written for the Broadcast Performance Class, School year 2008-2009.

When we were just 12 years young, she once mentioned in their distant family friend’s funeral that she does not want any flowers when it’s her turn to have one. “What do you want then?” I asked indifferently. Her answer was a pretty odd one: balloons instead of flowers, hot chocolate instead of coffee, cakes instead of sandwiches. She was describing a party, not a funeral, I thought, puzzled.

JM is such an eccentric human being. I wonder if she’s human at all. As her childhood friend, I could describe her as nothing but weird, extremely unsual.

Once during our senior pre-school year, she stuck a bubble gum on our classmate Jam’s hair…without any reason. Jam had her hair short during our pre-school graduation. On our third year in grade school, almost all our subject teachers made her squat with arms forward in front of the class because she was always on the noisy list. All the teachers gave up on her at the end of that school year.

In high school, she already involved other people. Once when we were in second year, she unintentionally spilled the secret of a close friend of ours. It was not supposed to be bad if the secret was not that serious. She accidentally told a guy that her close friend, Anne, had a crush on him…with Anne’s presence and on told it on her birthday. If it was meant to be a birthday gift, I doubt if Anne liked it at all. Anne and the guy did not talk for almost…a year. And another fact: they were seatmates. So can you just imagine how JM would make others’ life so miserable?

But beyond those things, JM is…was a good, jolly, down-to-earth, bubbly, isip-bata person. A lot of people would describe her as someone who is always in a happy disposition. I wonder where that happiness comes from. A face so light and so serene hides underneath the chaotic mask she often wore.

In college, she was known as a “lost” and a “sabog” kind of person. And I just don’t know why. Moreover, if you could spell the word ‘volunteer’ in another way, it would be J-M—a volunteer for social action, an advocate for peace, a worker for parochial activities. “Once a volunteer, always a volunteer,” she would often utter.

She may be odd…extremely weird. But she was also simply amazing. She would eliminate every negative thing as much as possible. That was why she said…when this moment comes, there would be no blacks, no grief-stricken faces, no candles, and no tears.

JM was indeed extremely unusual…until the last minute. JM, wherever you may be, I know that you are happy. Have a peaceful journey. We will miss you. I will miss you.


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