Love begins with one hello

If the story of almost ninety-nine point nine percent of the earth’s population is all about growing up, falling in love, finding their partners, going to marriage however they want it to be, having their own family, being who they want to be, becoming the next big thing, and making all their dreams come true, then mine would actually be the story of the remaining point one percent.

The world’s most favourite genre has always something to do with love and romanticism. From the top grossing movies, to the number one chart topping hit, to the bestselling novels—it’s always there—meeting that person, falling in love, and living happily ever after. Sometimes, meeting that person, falling in love, having your heart broken, and moving on. And occasionally, meeting that person, falling in love, realized it’s not yet the right time, but soon fall in love again.

But what happens if the main character’s plot isn’t designed that way? What if she’s just meant to grow up, be whoever she wants to be, become the next big thing, and make quite almost all of her dreams come true… and never fall in love, find her partner, be married however she want it to be and be the best bride of all, have her own family? What if for her, prince charming does not exist and that there is no such thing as her very own happily ever after?

Yes. It is indeed, quite ridiculous to say such things. Absurd. Bizarre even. But there is always the concept of “what if’s” and “supposed to be’s”. The beauty of it, in a way, is that we never really know the answer. There is, in fact, a significant amount of mystery and curiosity in every twist and turns of our existence in this inexplicable life. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down. Most often we wanted to be happy, but there are others who wants to be miserable. We do want to live with other people while some would prefer spending their time alone. And there are early birds and…late bloomers.

But the thing here is that… we never really know. Maybe, my love story was just delayed. Or postponed to a much better part of my timeline. Maybe, I must say goodbye to all my opposite sex-phobia and say hello to all the boys in this world. Or maybe… it doesn’t exist at all. But, I will never really know. At least for now, somehow, all those love songs, romantic novels, and movies, satiate that specific aspect of my life. I may run out of supply someday and experience the concept of diminishing marginal utility, applying in that facet of my story. But somehow, deep inside me, there is this particular something that never allows me to cease believing and hoping.

That someday, sometime, I will be the Bella Swan, Julie Baker, Rachel Berry, Elena Gilbert, San Chai, Jang Di, Gyu Won, Sophia Delgado, and Basha Eugenio of my life. That I will soon meet my Edward Cullen, Bryce Loski, Finn Colin, Damon Salvatore, Dao Ming Si, Gu Jun Pyo, Lee Shin, Bart Ramirez, and Popoy Gonzales. That someday, sometime, my very own love story will be told. That I will also be a part of that ninety-nine point nine percent of the blessed creatures God has created in this colourful manuscript we all call life… and love.


4 thoughts on “Love begins with one hello

  1. When I saw the pictures posted in your entry, my first thought was, “Wow! I’ve seen all these movies/ TV series.” 😀 Well yes, that’s true. Even if it’s a bit overrated, people still never get tired of watching or reading on anything related to love or romance. Personally, I’m quite guilty of that, lol.

  2. Thank you for that lovely statement. Smiles. Well, some people would comment that people like, uhhh, us, are kind of hopeless romantics. Still believing in happy endings and ever-afters. Nevertheless, I believe that is the beauty of life. Even though my own version of a love story was never told yet. Laughs. Looking forward to hear more from you! Happy blogging:)

  3. There are a lot of love stories out there and it’s up to us to decide how our own love story would go. We don’t have to plan it or anything, it’ll come. But if it won’t, it doesn’t mean our lives are not worthy of being told :).

    I hope I will. I’m kind of new in Word Press, still adjusting, but so far, it’s great! 🙂

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