Stand by me 더 달콤하게

보고싶고 그리울때면; please give your hands, Bluebird; 바람을 타고 시간을 달려; 아득히 먼 그곳으로

(When I miss you and yearn for you; please give me your hands Bluebird; ride the wind and run with time to that faraway place)

This time, I will take it slow. No more tears. No more scarred pains. No more wasted spirits. On the last 31 days of this (almost) miserable year of the Metal Rabbit 2011, I will take it slow.

I will choose to take the relaxed version of my everyday life. I will choose wellness. I will choose what truly gives me genuine joy and serenity. I will choose to be happy. And I will welcome the new year of the Dragon 2012 with a content smile on my face. Stand by me.

그대 춤으로 나를 안아요; 향기 가득한 햇살처럼; 다가와줘요 따뜻한 숨결가득한 달빛처럼 빛나게

(You embrace me with your dance; Like sunlight filled with a scent; Come to me with your warm breath)

I will feel the almost cool December breeze of my every precious day. I will caress the smooth kisses of my morning’s sunshine. I will appreciate the warm hugs and the heartfelt smiles of the people I love and love me too. I will welcome the silvery lines of hope each sunset brings. And I will embrace the self that I have once lost. Stand by me.

To say you Love me love me love; 영원히 내곁엔 그댄 지금처럼만; Always stand by me

(To say you Love me  love me  love; Stay by me like now for always; Always stand by me)

Stand by me. Do, stand by me. On the last 31 days of 2011. Stand by me. Smiles.

Inspired from 로티플스카이 (Rotipel Sky) – Bluebird (Scent Of A Woman OST Part 1)


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