AM+DG: Of being outstanding

What is the significance of excellence and being outstanding in today’s society?

As I reflect on this question, I could express that my inspiration in the aspect of excellence and being outstanding in today’s society and their significance, would be Mr. Efren Peñaflorida. It is not just about being famous locally or even internationally. It is not just about bringing pride to your school and to your family. It is not even just to add-up on your colorful resume when you get to apply for work already. More than the things that have been mentioned, I believe that the true significance of being excellent and of being outstanding, most especially in our society today, is the opportunity that opens for you to be able to do more and to give more. In the Atenean Paradigm, it is called MAGIS.

When people that surround you regard you as someone who is excellent and outstanding, they would definitely expect more from you. But more than the expectations, it would actually allow you to accomplish more things for the welfare of many and eventually, the gates would open wide for you to inspire more people for them to reach their maximum potential as a human person. Just like the story that went on after Mr. Peñaflorida was awarded as CNN Hero of the Year.

In this light, I believe that our society today needs more people who are excellent and outstanding. And that with these means, there is the ultimate end. And that is to do things always and always for the greater glory of God—ad majorem dei gloriam.


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