On the 19th day before Christmas

Nasimulan ko na rin naman ang maging intimate sa blog ko eh lulubos-lubosin ko na.

It has been a while since I paid attention to Christmas and everything it brings. Like the season to be jolly. Like the 12th day of Christmas. Like Santa Claus is coming to town. Like I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause. Like last Christmas I gave you my heart. Like Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer. It has been a while since I paid attention to Christmas and everything it brings. And now, maybe, it’s about time to rekindle that joyful sensation.

On the 19th day before Christmas, I shall let the whole world know the gifts I know I deserve. Laughs. Nah. Just gifts I finally know I want pala and the gifts I’m brave enough to admit I need pala.


19. The gift of stars. Aside from notebooks, I’m also sooooooo into anything star-shaped. Earrings. Pens. Paper clips. Paper pins. Bags. Shirt. Hankies. Name it. So, you already know. Anything star.

18. The gift of footprints. Simply put, I want those brown shoes. Period.

17. The gift of an opportunity to write more. I’m obsessed with notebooks. Especially ones with brown covers or anything creamy. I don’t know. I just love to collect notebooks though I don’t often write down my thoughts in any of them anymore. Though I still look forward to having them as my monthly journal. I just loooooooooooove notebooks so much. Though not the ones with screens and keyboards.

16. The gift of post-its. One main thing why my wallet has run out of change is because I occasionally use them to buy this cheap stick-notes. Most especially ones with uber cute designs like pastries, teddy bears, frogs, and frogs, and frogs, candies, pastel colored stuffs, and not to mention…anything brown! And of course, I love the ones in various shapes too like shirts, hearts, and stars, and of course, stars!

15. The gift of a new wardrobe. Though I don’t have any plans to change my set of clothes entirely, I would want to have a fresh piece for my closet. Like a pastel-colored dress perhaps? Or a cardigan with  light shades of tan or beige?


14. The gift of fiction and love stories. Since I can’t pretty much begin my book in a very healthy way, why not busugin ko na muna ng maraming maraming love stories ang utak ko. I would want to read more love stories and romantic comedies. I specifically want to read Emily Griffin’s Something Borrowed and Wendelin Van Draanen’s Flipped. And in the printed word. No e-books. LOL.

13. The gift of travelling. I would really love to go back to South Korea. And this time, visit Jeju Island. But I think I would not be able to do that anytime soon. That is why, I would want to go to Davao first and visit Paradise Island. I will feel the salty sea breeze and breathe in a bit of fresh air. And of course, pay a visit to my close friends there and give them one tight hug each. Smiles.


12. The gift of chocolates. And I don’t want just any other chocolate. I want that Chocolate Truffle. Or to give you some options, I want that Belgian Chocolate.

 11. The gift of organization. It’s just an organizer. But this time, I want a Starbuck’s. Or a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

10. The gift of skin care. I was blessed this year to experience Korea’s “fruits” body lotion through Nature Republic where my ever favourite Jang Geun Suk is the main endorser. Now, I would want to try body scrubbing and do my best to maintain it on the years to come. I want this plus a cute scrubber na rin. Laughs.

09. The gift of old friendship. I just want to be with my Berchmans family. Remember the me whenever I’m with them. Remember the me before any of these have happened.

08. The gift of smiles. I will bring smiles to other people. To the street kids, to my officemates, to my close friends, and of course to my family. And maybe…even to a “stranger” or my soon-to-be friend.

07. The gift of self-discipline. I’ll have that slimming tea, alright. Me already. Laughs.

06. The gift of wellness. Open that fat book and bring the words I have written there to life. It’s going to be a whole new year for me this coming 2012. A fresh start, a new life, and hopefully a better beginning. I will bring back my radiant personality.

05. The gift of spirit and vigour. I am going to go back to my first love—dancing. I’ll groove my heart out and feel the blood rushing through my veins once again and fill in the hollowness and emptiness deep inside me.

04. The gift of family. I’ll do things I must have done years ago.

03. The gift of happiness. Something that will be reawaken in my very core. And hopefully, will spring into the other aspects of my life. Genuine. Sincere. Heartfelt happiness.

02. The gift of love. And love itself.

01. The gift of prayer. Everything—ad majorem dei gloriam.

(Some photos are just gotten from the internet.)


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