Pichie-pichie and the Christmas Tree

I had this dog named Pichie2x. He’s 1.2” tall and 2.2” on his fours. Yes. You’re not mistaken. He’s my lovely miniature stuffed puppy. He may not be alive but he never ceases to let me feel as if everything’s going to be alright. Just like a friend’s tap on the shoulder or a mother’s touch on your back.

It has been quite a while since I paid attention to him. But whenever I do, I still feel that same easy delight. I first got him on the Christmas of 2005. He was given to me by my dear friend Gio, as in thehungrygiant.wordpress.com. Recalling that event, I remember how surprised I was with his Bear Hugs gift since we weren’t that close yet compared to how we are in the present. Nevertheless, I was so grateful to have Pichie2x in my life.

Pichie2x’s name came from this anime series, Fruits Basket. When Tohru was younger, Pichie2x was the name that Tohru’s playmates gave her. She later on realized that that name signifies something that doesn’t belong in their group. I felt sad for her.

I was so into this series that I gave up my afternoon nap on weekends just to watch this show at Studio 23. The moment I watched this particular episode and heard the name, I knew it was meant for this cute little thing. I can even put in mind how funny it was when I called him “puppy” during his first few weeks with me.

Looking at his tiny figure at this very moment made me reminisce those Christmases when I was still in full shape—never wasted by depression, never scraped by painful realities. I remember how I was so pleased with every smile people show every Yuletide season. I recall how I was so grateful with every Christmas presents I received from exchange events to family gatherings. I can even picture myself wrapping my gifts in a very personalized way, with only one thing in mind. And that is to make the recipient of my gift genuinely happy just like my wish for myself and for my family.

So this Christmas 2011, I would like to summon back those holiday escapades when everything was so fine and serene. I may not subtract my age and be ten years young again nor divide my years experience for this one simple wish. But I believe that I would be able add up the reason for me to feel that genuine happiness once again and even multiply the years when I could give out the gift of love and share this joyous season with my loved ones.


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