Originally written last March 12, 2011; posted at A graduation special.

Exploring Connections Between Reasons and Gratifications in Watching Twilight Saga Movies among Selected Senior High School Students of Claret School of Zamboanga City

And this is really is it. On the 9th of March, it is official. My thesis HARDBOUND. HARDBOUND. Haaaaaaaaaaardbound.

All the endless sleepless nights, all the guilty-pleasure Marty’s consumed, all the papers used and re-used, all the frustrations, all the eye-bugs, all the laughters and the tears, have been compiled in this 78-page paper. On the 9th of March 2011, no exact words could ever really describe the experience of writing a thesis paper.

“Aside from it being a class requirement, it was more of a learning experience.”

I’d bet all the million sunsets since the world begun that these would be the very words in every aftermath essay of those senior students who have undergone this extraordinary happening. And yes, it is. I wouldn’t counter it anymore since it is really what it is. The thousand nights you lie awake in front of your PC. The hundred sleeping hours you’d rather spend thinking and writing. The countless meals you’d dedicate only for five minutes (or sometimes none at all) just to finish the entire data gathering and all the data analysis. And now, on the 9th of March 2011, you can feel them in this one HARDBOUND book, in front of you, in your very hands, in your very presence.

This research that has began in a sunset conversation about Bella and Edward and about Reasons and Gratifications has been converged in this 78-paged HARDBOUND. After almost a year and a half. And to be honest, I couldn’t really formulate the exact words to concretize my thoughts, feelings, emotions, everything.

But one thing is clear, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this and grow as a Masscom student without my thesis PARTNER, Jen. All the highs and lows, all the smiles and cries, all the ups and downs have not only contributed to the success of our paper but most especially has become a vital part of our friendship’s foundation. My heartfelt gratitude to you and to your patience and understanding, especially with the kind of partner that I am. Haha. Also, thanks to Ate Maye for the pictures! You know how my tears started to fall after this. HAHA.

So, how do I suppose to end this? THESIS it! THESIS really, really, really is it!:]


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