A Promise of Tomorrow

Written with Abigail Mendoza on December 2006 for the class Wall Newspaper, featuring the IV-St. John Berchmans moderator.

It all started with a promise, a promise that he never thought would change his whole life. For me, promises are meant to be broken. But to this marvelous guy, they’re not.

“I never thought I could be a teacher.” An Ateneo alumnus, Mr. Erwin Montojo, shares to some of his moderating class students, one Monday afternoon. Berchmans is just so delighted to finally have a moderator like this superb guy. Once thought to be a Jesuit but doesn’t want to be assigned in a school to teach. And now, he is already in his sixth year of teaching. See how we can turn the world upside-down?

Now back to “The Promise”, he was a senior back then when a group of his classmates decided to make a promise that they will return to the Ateneo de Zamboanga and teach. Main goal? To pass on the Ateneo education through a true-blooded Atenean. He his looking forward into being able to contribute to the students and share the same experiences that he went through as an Atenean. For six years of teaching he, as a teacher, has gone through a lot of experiences. He went toChinafor two years and taught English to Chinese students. One of his unforgettable experiences was when he discussed about God to his students as his spin-off. He also experience living in a community of old people. Now he is back in the Ateneo to teach fellow Ateneans once again. He is currently teaching Economics and Morality to the seniors. He is the moderator of the pilot class of the seniors, the Berchmans class.

His first impressions to his class were loud, strident, shrill, and blaring. But as he spent more time with us realized that the class was in fact self-conscious, timid, reserved, and modest. According to this exceptional guy, during recitation he knows whose hands will go up and he feels like some of his students hesitate with him, to bond with him. It probably is because of the fact that the Berchmans class never had a moderator like him before. Perhaps under Sir Montojo’s guidance, the class will lead to new heights.


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