CHANGE: Not just a verb

change [chaynj]

verb (past and past participle changed, present participle chang•ing, 3rd person present singular chang•es)

1. transitive and intransitive verb become or make different: to become different, or make something or somebody different

2. transitive verb substitute or replace something: to exchange, substitute, or replace something

3.  transitive and intransitive verb pass from one state to another: to pass or make something pass from one state or stage to another

From Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

CHANGE is indeed the only permanent thing in this world. And what makes life exciting is how you, as a human person who lives with this dynamic world, dance with these changes.

One of its many beauties is having the chance to handle these changes with your special someone. It’s as if your partner is going to serve as your ringing button every time it detects a significant change in you—whether it’s negative or positive—and even list down these changes for you to acknowledge, study, and compare between the past you and the present you. They say that you have found your true love and lifetime partner if you have found someone who brings out the best in you, someone who allows you to reach your maximum potential as a human person, someone who paves the way for you to realize your God-given gifts and share them to the world.

Change is not only to substitute something or to become different. It is not simply the stepping off to a new stage of life nor transferring from a train station to another. If being handled carefully and taken seriously, change may offer you your life-changing opportunity to learn, to grow, to mature. It may be your metamorphosis, your transformation to become the better version of you.


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