The SACSI Office of Ateneo de Zamboanga University

The Social Awareness and Community Service Involvement or the SACSI Office is the official social arm of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Its primary aim is to uphold the University’s vision mission to be men and women for others. To cater to this pursuit for socio-civic welfare, SACSI Office covers various programs.

Programs and projects under the SACSI Office are the Freshmen Formation Program-National Service Training Program or the FFP-NSTP, the Literacy Training Service or the LTS, the Civic Welfare Training Service or the CWTS, Advocacy and Development Program, the Environment Program, and the Volunteer Program.

Each program aspires to be in service for the holistic formation endeavor of every Atenean, of every Zamboangeño, and of every Filipino. And one avenue to highlight and underline this matter is to increase and intensify the grounds and opportunities for the students to involve themselves in these socio-civic efforts and become a well-dedicated volunteer. A volunteer in this context is an Atenean who is willing to respond to the call of societal needs and engage in communitarian matters. And this can be housed through SACSI’s Volunteer Program.

Over the years, the Volunteer Program has catered to an extensive formation for its student volunteers. They provide a well-round deliberation for applicants and a thorough formation track for accepted students. However, only a minimum percent of Ateneo College enrollees get to notice this opportunity and apply. This communication plan, therefore, has the following objectives:

  • To increase the awareness of the Ateneo studentry about SACSI, its projects, specifically about the Volunteer Program
  • To heighten the campaign propaganda of SACSI’s highlighted activities especially ones that involve volunteer participation
  • To augment the number of applicants who wishes to be part of SACSI’s pool of well-rounded volunteers

SACSI’s nature is to serve as active witnesses of social realities from a larger communitarian spectrum outside the university realm and function as a well-grounded bridge from that reality towards the world inside the Ateneo campus.

According to the official brochure given out by the office, “the acronym ‘SACSI’ in the Filipino language means ‘witness’. This is an apt description of what the office is all about…[the office] convey the facts from the university of life to the Ateneo academe to develop a sense of social commitment among the students, faculty, and staff of our community for a just, humane, and God-inspired society…This is the office within the university that serves as the LINK between the school and the outside communities to complement theories learned in the classroom with the actual realities of life.”

SACSI is the official social arm of the Jesuit School in Western Mindanao, the Ateneo de Zamboanga University (ADZU). And having the crucial role of bridging the realities of the outside world to the Ateneo realm, SACSI is being guided by the principles of academic excellence, socio-political maturity, and spiritual growth (SACSI Brochure).

The office was established and has started its journey in the year 1987 ( Its co-founders were Fr. Benjamin Y. Sim SJ, Lucia Lucas-Chavez, Maria Victoria Montaño, and Ruben Acuña. It has celebrated its 20th year of office last school year 2007-2008. But the office just started to cater volunteers a year after it was organized. And in the academic year 2012-2013, the SACSI Office will be celebrating its 25th year of dedicated service inside and outside the Ateneo community.


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