Something to think about

I knew it! I knew it! I really, really knew it! Watching movies would really do something really, really fantastic! So you see, I was kind of having a little bit kind of epiphany here. I really want to be Philippines’ First ever Bestselling Novelist. And I want to achieve it while I’m still young. I will be the youngest and the first ever Filipina bestselling novelist. And I know I’m not the only one. That’s why I have, I want, to make things happen. So I started to find inspiration for the first serious and real book that I’m going to write. And I found it while watching this particular movie.

Many people have already commented that I can’t quite detach myself from my writing outputs. And that’s the last thing I would want if I want to take this seriously. I mean, I don’t want my story going around and associating it with its author. I mean, how would I be able to handle that? That’s why I wanted something random, something that is quite common. I wanted to start with something everybody wants—make them feel. And your sensations are kind of heightened, most of the time, when you’re hurt, when you feel that certain pang in your heart. Not only that certain giddiness when you’re in love. And to add up, I want it to be something that will appeal to the youth and reflect my own home town. I mean, that’s what Paolo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks and Haruki Murakami are doing right?

And then, I’m going to feature my place, my city, my country, my culture. My main inspiration? Japanese Author, Haruki Murakami. I have loved the way he featured his native country style. I’m going to put a taste of Asian in it. And I’m going to write it in my mother tongue, Filipino. And I am excited!

Thanks to “Something Borrowed”. Now I’m hyped up. Although it has to be this way because if I’m going to find internal encouragement, I wouldn’t be able to find one right now. And I feel like I’m running out of time. Because you see, I wanted to write a love story. You know, everybody LOVES love stories! Unfortunately, I don’t have one! So I can’t basically pull my story out from personal experience because I simply DON’T HAVE ONE! I haven’t fucking experienced falling in love! OK. I am getting carried away here.

So, I look forward for my “Something Borrowed” inspired plot, my own Darcy and Rachel, Ethan and Dexter, and my own setting. Pray for its birth! I’m calling upon all the positive forces of the universe to conspire and help me achieve what my heart desires! Smiles.


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