Thai-movie Review: Hello Stranger

Parang gusto ko atang maranasan ito. This Thai movie, “Hello Stranger” allowed me to welcome a fresh recreation scheme. Meeting a stranger in a strange town or country and not knowing each other’s names sound so inviting. Wala lang. Just for experience. Just for fun. Hindi naman kailangan na ito ang paraan para mameet ko si Mr. Right One. Sometimes, I think it’s a good idea to explore every single invitation that the world will offer in your doorstep. You know…the whole carpe-diem framework. Nice. And to make things so beautiful, I think that this scheme is possible and I could be doing it soon! Like before the month ends. Haha.

Well, you see, I just received this good news. I got in to this National Youth Commission international program dubbed as Youth Camp for Asia’s Future 2011. And guess where it’s going to be held? Like capital oh-em-gee! It’s going to be in South Korea! Like it’s SOUTH KOREA! I’m going to SOUTH KOREA! The home of my Hyun Bin, of Super Juniors and Jang Geun Suk! Home of my beloved Coffee Prince, My Girl, Secret Garden, and My Sassy Girl! Well, of course, more than the K-pop culture, I’m glad that I will be given the chance to explore and appreciate their practice and cultural heritage first hand. And of course, an avenue where I can say HELLO to a complete STRANGER! Haha.

The opening scene made me imagine like a few days from now, I’m going to be like “May” or the Thai girl who went to Korea to attend her friend’s wedding. But eventually, it paved the way for her break up with her boyfriend AND meet a Thai stranger she baptised as “Daang”. I imagine how I would feel when I take my first step in that rich country and visit it’s now best tourist spots—the very locations of some of Korea’s top rated telenovellas. I imagine being with myself in Seoul. Surrounded with one of the most beautiful scenes the world could offer and surrounded by soon-to-be Asian friends.

It has been more than a week since I got the good news and I can’t still sink in the idea how I got in that program. I mean, I decided to apply 30 minutes before the deadline and my application was basically “mediocre” in my own standards. But I would like to believe that God indeed has his ways. And that this is going to be an answered prayer. I really hope and pray na matutuloy talaga itong trip na ito. I know deep inside me that more than the excitement that I’ll be going in Korea, I needed a break. And also more than a break, I need an extensive preparation, ready myself for the journey that I will be taking next year. Oh, do please pray for me!:D


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