Carpe Diem in class

How were you able to lead a balanced life as a student?

It was as if I was born with the qualities of leading an active lifestyle not just as a student and volunteer, but more so as a human person. I have, planted at the very core of my being, the passion for devoted service and dedication for holistic learning. These are values that cannot be taken away from me nor can easily fade away. They serve as my active drive whenever I am troubled and discouraged. They serve as my operating fuel whenever I feel exhausted and burned-out.

Pessimistic people and unfavorable circumstances are inevitable when you are being active in your academic realm and extra-curricular avenues. Maybe it’s just like the saying that goes, “Good people are the most tempted ones.” I do encounter moments in my student life when I just wanted to stop doing anything. What for? I often ask. But with the continuous support coming from people who care feeds my driving force and would really make me restart or continue. My mom per se, most especially when she shares that my education is the only treasure that she can give to me. The people who believed and continuously believe in me, that I can still do more and give more. These people are my intrinsic motivation and are reason enough for me to wake up every morning and welcome another school day full of work and demands.


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