Describing one Peace Journey

Originally posted on November 28, 2011 at

Being a Peace Ambassador has become a vital part of my life. It did not only open opportunities for me but it also allowed me to discover the path towards what I ought to be.

My journey with PeaceTech Inc. Philippines begun with my on-the-job training with Peace Advocates Zamboanga (PAZ) for my Development Communication (DevComm) major. Those Saturdays were one of the most fruitful Saturdays of my now-active lifestyle. It did not only make significant contributions for my resume but more than that, it gave me a meaningful reason to wake up early during Saturdays. The rest of the memories were shared together with my fellow peace advocates. We even labelled ourselves as The Zambassadors, being peace ambassadors in Zamboanga City. Laughters and smiles were expressed until we reached the most awaited Mass Video Conference between Zamboanga and Manila with Ms. KC Conception and our memorable culminating event slash Christmas party.

Being the offspring of the 2010 Peace through Technology Training Program given by the PeaceTech Inc. Philippines was more than a blessing. It paved the way for us, Zambassadors, to give birth to our very own peace project—the Linking Awareness of Peace and Technology to Other People or the LAPTOP Peace Project. It jumpstarted last February 6, 2011 with more than 20 high school participants coming from both private and public schools. The LAPTOP event was coined as Convergence of Facebookers Batch 1. We have received various wonderful insights coming from the participants. You may view them by visiting our Facebook fanpage: L.A.P.T.O.P (community).

LAPTOP also gave way to its flagship project, the peaceblog dubbed as Peace Book. From time to time, it highlights various stories from LAPTOPers and from contributors. The blog was even featured during the Mass Video Conference between Manila and Iligan City. You may visit our blog url: or view our youtube teaser video.

As the summer vacation crept its way by the end of March, the official last school month, each Zambassador has entertained other priorities. Others started to go out of town for fun and relaxation, others focused on the incoming summer classes, while there are some who graduated and finished high school and for some, finished college.

There were occasional Facebook and group text message encounters but there were no more frequent meet ups anymore. The blog site also went into hiatus mode. It was our stop-look-and-listen status.

And as we welcome June once again, the group has organized a meet up last June 4, 2011 and made some kamustahan. We even started to talk about the next LAPTOP and decided to meet on June 18 to discuss details. After the meeting, we all went to the monthly meeting of the Youth Solidarity for Peace (YSP), the official youth volunteers of Peace Advocates Zamboanga (PAZ). They all welcomed us as part of their peace houses and peace families.

What the journey would entail next is yet to come and will be a beautiful mystery to unfold, all in the name of peace.


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