Diaries and Hot Vampires

So, I just finished the whole two seasons of The Vampire Diaries. And it was a whole lot of supernatural, vampire beauty. Well, I couldn’t actually think of a concrete reason why I had allowed myself to dwell into this vampiric TV experience. Because you see, I am so not the fear-lover type. I am so not into horror let alone gothic genre. This series-watching experience has gotten me so hooked no matter how much fear I exert in every single episode. Well, guess this is one way to conquer that nerve-wracking kind of phobia. But there is something in one of the characters that allowed me to feel like I am being compelled to watch this series. So, this is the point where I begin writing about Damon Salvatore.

More than the Damon name

He’s just like the typical bad guy character and, AND the second guy in all love triangles. I remember how I fell in love in Andrew Han’s character in the Korean Series entitled “Endless Love: Autumn in my Heart.” You know, the one with the Johnny-Jenny names. It was my first memory of falling for the second guy character—hot or not. Haha.

And then, there’s something about Damon’s eyes, or rather Ian Somerhalder’s eyes. They’re more than dashing and striking. His eyes speak a lot. A lot more than anyone could ever fathom. And Ian’s portrayal of Damon justifies that sense of mystery.

That night in Elena’s room

One of the scenes I love the most was Season 2, Episode 8. Yes. The one when Damon finally confessed his feelings for Elena. What was so remarkable was when he compelled Elena to forget what he just said with tears falling from his eyes. It was so heartbreaking. “I know I don’t deserve you. But my brother does.” Awwwww.

I wouldn’t be so sure if I can actually picture my future guy with that kind of character. But one thing is for certain, he’s going to be the kind of man who would do anything in the name of love, boundless love that is.

Getting back that writing habit

So this is The Vampire Diaries. And of course, there are a lot of journals in the picture, old notebooks at that! And you have no idea how I am obsessed with notebooks and all things brown. And since I’ve been seeing those notebook stuffs the whole time I’ve been watching the series, I wasn’t aware that it has drawn me into going back to my old journal writing habit. I have forgotten what it actually feels like having a pen and a paper after getting myself used to the encoding routine.

I actually can’t believe that there will come a time that I will be hooked in this series. I have only encountered this title when I studied the Twilight Saga. I mean, the killings in TVD are more gruesome and morbid and the vampires are more terrifying. But I found myself loving the tie-up of all the colourful folklores that I have ever encountered in my life—vampires + werewolves + witches. I love it! And I can’t believe it.

TVD, on another note, has allowed me to let go of some meaningless fears. I know I should know better than this, me being a Masscom graduate. But I can’t help myself but fall for the scary effects of the horror genre. But thanks to TVD, somehow I have let go of that kind of mindset.

So now, I’m starting to hunger not for blood but for TVD’s third season. Though I have no plans in reading the book. I appreciate the TV series as it is. And the third season also means more Damon-Elena tandems since Stefan is on another journey with the now vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus. I just can’t wait. Not to mention I also love the Jeremy-Bonnie and Tyler-Caroline tie-up!


3 thoughts on “Diaries and Hot Vampires

  1. ACKKK! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!! And, coincidentally, I just finished watching the entire Season 2 last week. It took me two days (since I need to sleep and do other stuff too, lol). And yes, you’re not the only person that got hooked up with Damon’s charm. That scene where Damon confessed to Elena broke my heart too, especially when he also compelled her to forget. For him, Elena not knowing or returning the feelings doesn’t matter, he will still do anything, anything at all, to keep her safe. Also, there was this part, I think it was near the end of Season 2 already, where he said, “I will always choose you.” I could actually feel the intensity and the sincerity behind the words. Man! I love that guy! And I like his seemingly I-don’t-care attitude, even if we all know that he does care. I just love Damon Salvatore!!! 🙂 ❤

    And yeah, the eyes. Those eyes. *melts* Elena's one lucky girl. I do hope he and Elena end up being together, there's so much chemistry between the two of them, reel or real.

    Sorry, my comment's a bit long. I got caught up, lol.

    • Hei there. No problem! And I do love this comment. *laughs* It’s as if everything you said here, I felt them too. Honestly, I never thought that I would like, no scrap that, that I would LOVE TVD and that Ian Somerhalder is one hot dude. But then, here I am, all hooked up and had to stop myself from watching Season 3 for the simple reason that I prefer watching all 23 episodes in one sitting. *laugh* Can’t wait!:)

  2. Yeah, I did that with Season 2. I didn’t watch it until I was sure that it was already complete. But with Season 3, I’m trying to not watch it but I can’t help but think that maybe, Season 3 would be more of Elena and Damon and it makes me want to watch it. Good thing I don’t have the time just yet or else… lol.

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