J-movie Review: Heavenly Forest

If a picture paints a thousand words, then it would be much better to capture every single moment that Shizuru Satonaka was with Makoto Segawa. He loves to take photos and has chosen the sacred forest as his great landscaped panorama. And Shizuru was more than willing to cross that warning and be with him in that forbidden forest. It was their forest. They’re sacred sanctuary. Or so she thought. Until he brought Miyuki Toyama with him one day.

That was the moment when Shizuru realized that she has fallen in love with Makoto. But she can’t. It’s not possible. How can someone like him would also like someone like Shizuru? She’s not sexy, not that attractive, not yet a woman. Shizuru just simply can’t fall in love. Or else, she will die. This Japanese movie will surely make you treasure every single morning, that moment when you open your eyes, wake up, and welcome another day in your life.


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