Visions & Versions: My 2011 in Technicolor

The year of the Metal Rabbit, 2011, has not only brought silvers and greys in my life. It has colored my days and months with such hues I will definitely never forget.

This time, my January 2011 is already a bit foggy. But I can still vaguely remember how I have spent sleepless nights just to finish our Media Management Reports, our Media Ethics Paper, and of course, our Thesis final draft. This is also the first time, for quite some time, when I felt the feeling of wanting something so much and would do anything just to have it. And I got it on January 24, 2011.

According to my Relaks, Puso Lang Yan. Malayo sa Bituka Planner 2011, this month is my busiest and most occupied month in my entire 2011. I remember the VYLH Report I had to accomplish. The LAPTOP Program Proposal I had to do. The election events I had to organize as Propaganda Commissioner for AELECOM. The meetings I had to attend for the BIDAHAN CAMP. The resumes I wrote for the annual JOB FAIR. Our POPCORN Event as the final requirement for our Media Management Class. I wonder how I was able to survive them all.

Well, what else would I remember from this month’s memories? Of course, definitely no other than my College Graduation Day on March 23, 2011. Happy smiles and joyful tears. Flying diplomas and playful togas everywhere. Finally, all my sixteen years of basic education has commenced. But rather than an end, it is only the beginning of a more exciting class outside the room.

My first job has been offered and continuously has been tapping me on the shoulder. And finally, with so much thought, I gave in my first ever resume for a real job and not just another on-the-job training. I remember spending my days taking care of my requirements as the newest member of the working society.

It was on May 16, 2011. My first day in the Social Awareness and Community Service Involvement (SACSI) Office not as a student volunteer anymore but as their new Program Officer for Advocacies and Development. I felt anxious because of the change in status yet somewhat at peace that I get to spend my first year in the work force with my SACSI Family.

I had a series of meetings together with the Social Development Council or SDC. And that’s what all I want to remember.

Aside from the series of future projects that will be implemented under my program, I also got the biggest news I ever received almost in my entire life. A news that I have yet to know, will change my perspective about life and the world in general. I got into an Asia-wide youth program dubbed as Youth Camp for Asia’s Future 2011 and was held at South Korea. Kamsahamnida!

I welcomed this month cruising over Han River and shopping at Myeong Dong and strolling beside the Cheonggye Stream. I will never even forget that bittersweet experience and I do hope that within the year, I will make another Asian trip, and this time I hope it will be somewhere in Japan or Thailand. Then, I ended the month with Sing Gitng Grand Music Event, an SDC project.

This was one of my most fulfilling month, having accomplished a very fulfilling program dubbed as SIMO or Social Involvement Month. From the Mass Dance Production given by the freshmen which marked the beginning of the SIMO 2011: ALAB Celebration up to the star-studded or rather Jimmy-Bondoc-studded Culminating Event, everything was a high plus for everyone at SACSI. We even developed the SIMO Diaries, our legwork stories, and every day asaran even if the tasks themselves were very tiring.

A lot of sad things happened this month especially for us Mindanawans and even for the people of ZAMPEN or the Zamboanga Peninsula. The series of bombing incidents that occurred, the face-up between the military and the lawless elements. Everything. It made an effect especially for one of the major programs in the office, the SBIP or the Semestral Break Immersion Program. For the first time in a long time, it wasn’t implemented.

I had a super lay-low during this month. It was this time when some thing’s has been bugging me and bothering me up to the nth level that lead me to the kind of perspective and character that I am having right now. It was an absolute goodbye depression mode, self-awareness era for me.

Come December, I almost had to struggle for me to have a tight grip of myself, always on the edge about something I really couldn’t figure out at the time. All I know was that I have enjoyed the Ateneo Fiesta or ATFEST and was really sooo excited for the Christmas Season. I didn’t have any of those special noche buenas like the ones we had before, but this was definitely an exquisite silent night for me.

[Inspired from “Life in Technicolor’ by Coldplay]


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