What we all want in life

What we all want in life: to travel, fall in love, and be happy.

These days, it seems so easy to generalize people especially on how the social media was able to establish an up-close relationship with each Facebook and Twitter user, magnified by the million number of accounts that are online every single day. We can simply identify which topic is trending, what stat is “like”-able, what photo has more shares. But maybe, at the end of the day, more than the easy access to people’s minds and personal lives, and the almost-complicated way on how they all display and express their inner notions, we can still cling on the fact that everyone only want three simple things in this lifetime.


May it be a romantic getaway in Paris, a fashion facade in New York, a sweet escape at South Korea’s Jeju Island, or a summer vacay at Boracay Island, a quick trip at the historical city of Vigan, a holiday in the cold streets of Baguio, a sea food trip in Zamboanga, I know somewhere deep inside us, we all want to go somewhere. We all want to travel and even once said that our Bucket List will definitely include travelling all around the world!

I have even encountered a number of travel blogs and even travel-blogger wannabes. Some feature their Time-magazine-ish photos and photo captions. Some exhibit their “once in a lifetime” experience by using the most vibrant synonyms they could ever find in the thesaurus. While there are others who play the role of Smile Magazine and include important details in their entries i.e. the cheapest place to stay, the must-gos, the must-eats, and the must-haves, and even encouraging their readers to check out some historical spots in the area.

But then, maybe, the beauty of travelling is not just about having your snapshots taken in Palawan posted on Facebook or your jumpshots at Davao uploaded on Tumblr. That amidst the adventure that entails money matters and temperature adjustments, there is that mixed shots of amazement and solace. You find yourself appreciating the wonders of that specific place, at the same time, you find that certain sense of thrill and adventure ravaging inside of you very…welcoming —something that being in your safe zone could never give you.

LOVE openly                                         

Once in our life, we have believed in the theory that we are created with only a half part of our hearts, that we are to journey this life searching for our “other half”. Aminin. But being this young and as someone who’s still a novice in the matters of the heart, I couldn’t really say sophisticated things about love and relationships. All the complicated things about, all the struggles and all the joys and the pains, they still seem so surreal for me.

However, I do know that we all want to be loved so dearly and we all want to love so fondly. We want to traverse this world of ups and downs with someone who is willing to grow with us, to be by our side, someone who accepts our strengths and weaknesses and someone who acknowledges their own flaws. Though we couldn’t always take a detour or a U-turn every time we encounter mishaps and heartaches in our quest with the love boat. It may be an issue of infidelity, of cheating, of too much attention, or even sometimes, an issue of no attention at all, and maybe, also an issue of talagang nagsawa na. But at the end of the day, we realize that maybe, our love life is designed just to be like that—a series of plunging unto a new found love prospect, diving into a sana-seryoso-na relationship, banging unto that very unlikely break-up, gearing unto that moving-on regimen, and then try again. And along this cycle of yes and no, we learn, we become wiser. That is as long as we allow ourselves to love openly.

SMILE always

Smile always. Simply because we all want genuine happiness in life. Simply because it’s the most uncomplicated way to achieve this very dream that every heart desires. Simply because we are given the gift of life to feel God’s love and embrace the gift of happiness. Smile. Amidst the problems and painful memories. Smile. Amidst the natural calamities and human induced disasters. Smile. Amidst the economic instability and rising poverty. Smile. Because a smile is a curve that sets everything straight (Phyllis Diller).

Photo courtesy of Mr. Frederick de Leon.


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