The Ultimate Game Plan

After a series of low-esteem encounters with the close-minded people and the status-quo sexiness and nakaka-inis na battle between your depression getaway food and favourite clothes, I finally come to this point where every weight loss regimen seems so frustrating and, like the horizon, something you want so bad to reach but will never seem to get anywhere near it.

Like what everyone says and what every weight loss articles declares, will power is the ultimate villain you’ll ever face. It’s something that you can have and serve as your weapon, but you have to want it so bad you’ll do whatever it takes just to finally grab it under your control and never lose it. As I state these words, I can imagine the scenario where Recca in the anime series Flame of Recca had to fight a battle between a powerful dragon so that it will treat him as it’s master. Every fight isn’t so easy. Every move is a struggle. Every attempt is so intense. Indeed, no pain…no gain.

Dreaming the impossible dream

Everyone will always have an advice on weight loss. They will always know what to tell you and even how you should do it. That’s what I realized when I started researching about losing weight. I even encountered some personal accounts on how they lost a significant amount of pounds in a period of time. And at the end of the day, more than the tips and advices that all internet articles and magazine write-ups and even talk show conversations have given me, I realized that the thing that will define my determination in keeping off the pounds is my…yes, WILL POWER.

How much do I really want this? How much do I really need this? How much do I really care to achieve this almost impossible goal? I have spent almost a year now, trying so hard to find the answer to these questions. Halos masampal ko na mukha ko para lang tuluyan nang magising. More than the notion that I want to wear my favourite clothes once again, more than the fact that I don’t like to hear more and more people telling me that I’m getting bigger and bigger, more than the reality that there are things I could not do because I’m heavy and fat, and more than the feeling of extreme low self-esteem that I’m having just by looking at myself in the mirror, I will lose weight because I deserve it. I want to lose weight because I want to feel good about myself again. I need to lose weight because I want to be healthy and be comfortable with my own skin, pulblas! (full blast!). Aw, remeberin’ Star Cinema’s My Big Love starring Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga.

Given these things, I believe I don’t need any more reasons for me to push myself hard to reach this goal. In fact, I may not be needing reasons at all. I need actions. I need a plan. I need a list.

The B to A list

According to Cosmopolitan November 2011 Issue, in the article “Live the Life you Want”, thinking backward is a more appealing way of sticking to a list towards achieving a particular goal. It is actually more helpful if I create a detailed list from point B to point A. “Yes, this list will be just as long, but because the fun and exciting final steps are right up at the top, you’ll feel more motivated and eager every time you look at it.”

Kung sa bagay, totoo nga naman. It’s more inspiring to look at your weight loss steps with your ultimate goal at item number one. I am now on my way of devising my own weight loss B to A list and I will place it in front of my study table at home so that I can easily view it. If you want to know my personal list, feel free to email me. LOL.

Keep-off pounds Menu

If you simply google ways to lose weight, in just a matter of seconds, thousands of links will appear on your screen. Some would specify the ways on how to do these, while some would make you compute for your calorie intake and even your BMI (body mass index) and BMR (basal metabolic rate). There are sites that will give you inspirations to stick to your diet plan like the ABCs of keeping the pounds off and 5 Ways To Make Your Weight Loss Journey Suck A Little Less. But the thing that has made an impact on me was some random article I encountered (sadly, I forgot to bookmark it), that says something about adopting a weight loss plan my way. Or simply put, as long as there is a balanced marriage of food intake and physical activity, I can do things according to what is comfortable for me.

Now, I don’t know if this is relatively helpful but it kept me thinking. I consider it very insightful knowing that my first few days or weeks will really be very challenging. Even very defining, if I would be able to keep up the routine or give up somewhere in the middle (I can even feel the anxiety now even if I am not starting it yet). So, this notion is very inviting… that I get to do things my way considering some vital matters such as my dietary plan and exercise routine is still hovering above my thoughts.

That is why I am glad that I encountered Cosmopolitan January 2012 issue and the article entitled “6 Post-holiday Slim-down Solutions”. There are six different diets that we can adopt and they even listed the local and international celebrities that followed a particular kind of diet. Cosmo specified some pros and tips in every suggested diet, even the number of pounds you can lose in an amount of time. The different diets are the Cohen Diet that Bea Alonzo tried; the Mediterranean Diet tried by Penelope Cruz; the New Atkins, New You Diet tried by Jennifer Aniston; the 17-Day Diet; the Dukan Diet which Kate Middleton has tried; and the HCG Diet tried by Britney Spears.

I have planned to make some alterations on the specificities of these diets and devised a menu that would suit my daily routine and my lifestyle. As I venture into this journey towards a slimmer and healthier me, I hope and pray that there would really be an improved lifestyle change for me. I will say all my goodbyes to junk foods and sodas and midnight snacks. And fight to achieve my will power dragon. We’ll see what happens next.


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