K-drama Review: He’s Beautiful

Originally written last August 22, 2010 and posted at dawnandpeace.tumblr.com.

For the first time, I wasn’t sad when I saw the words…”THE END”.

I have realized that endings do not necessarily connote a sad tone. The end has its own meaning, its own reason, its own purpose.

I have finished watching the koreanovela that played a quite significant role in my life. First, I have watched all 16 episodes in just one week. Second, I watch them through youtube.com in night time and that is a first since we never had internet connection at home until now. Third, ok. Ok. I’m going to say it. I have watched it during midterms week. Ok. During. MIDTERMS.

During the first five episodes, I did feel guilty. Of course, if I have to say I have to. It’s an exam week and I’m suppose to study like all brilliant students do. I’m suppose to review my notes, check if I have a complete set of handouts for my Development Communication subject, make sure that I have read all accounts from Plato to Aristotle for my Philosophy class. But what did I do? What have I done? I continued to watch it.

YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL (He’s Beautiful in Philippines). Yes. It is the name. It is the title of that koreanovela that topped the significant half (or more than half) of my consciousness that I almost forgot to take care of my examination slip. Tae Kyung is the name of that charming chap who never ceases to take my breath away all through the three times that he actually showed the viewers his killer smile (that smile made me remember that he has caught my attention when I “unexpectedly” viewed Hwang Jini and made me realize that I have fallen for the same person twice). Go Mi Nam is the name that made me appreciate stars more (I loooooooove stars) and the evening sky. Though it was actually Go Mi Nyu or Gemma that played the actual character, I just can’t get enough of Go Mi Nam…not just yet. S/he welcomed me to the idea of actually acknowledging stars everywhere I go (and not forgetting that there is that one star that would shine only for me; for me, shines the brightest). Kang Shin Wu is the man whom I wished could have just fallen for a simple girl like me. He left me one significant note that I think will always be imprinted in my treasure chest for life: “Only someone that held on to the very end can say that they let someone go.” This made me say, I have held on tight, yet in the end, I have let go.

I did try to make myself stop and make myself see what damage this would do not only to my face (it gave my just another pimple), to my fees (the electricity rate will surely rise for this month), to my eyes (yes, that’s given), and to my future (hello, it’s exams week and I’m watching this on youtube.com). Should I hate youtube for this?

I knew the answer. I have always known. Did I stop? I. Did. NOT. Stop. For Pete’s sake, yes, I did not stop even just for one night. See. I have even lost my academic sanity (if there’s such a thing as that). I crammed in the morning since all my exams are scheduled in the afternoon. Review: yes, the word is cram. I tried stuffing every little thing Plato said and Aristotle imparted. I tried pushing my head to its limits trying to absorb Nora Quebral’s Introduction to Development Communication. The good thing was I only had two exams. And guess what? Surprisingly, I was able to manage it. Yes:)

I took the exams full of inspiration and glee. I was just so overwhelmed how Kang Shin Wu hugged Go Mi Nam so tight that he looked like he’s never letting her go. Not to mention Tae Kyung smiled that smiley smile again. I was so motivated that it made me remember every little theory that there is in communication. It was just so….amazing.

Funny how things went this…I don’t know…twisted? Positively twisted? Oh no. I will only get to have a conclusion for this after I will receive my grades. Yes. See my grades… oh right….


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