Photographs and faded memories

There were countless stars in that August midnight sky. She was ambling along the brick city side roads. She was gripping her DLSR camera so tight like she was able to tell that someone’s going to take it away from her, at that very moment, at that very melancholic moment.

She gazed from that faraway vulnerable zone. Hoping. Crying. Asking. Why. Then stopped walking.

She cupped her DLSR camera with two vulnerable hands. Taking a last glimpse of their photos together.

He was laughing his heart out loud. She was smiling.

He was holding her shoulders not so very tight. She makes a funny face.

He was looking at her from a distance. She was trying to make a wacky pose at the foreground.

He was giving out that weary grin. She was almost having a poker face.

He was not facing the camera angle. She holds the camera up high.

He was not looking at the person taking their picture. She was looking for him all along.

She takes off the camera sling. Still looking at that latest photo. She looks up at the starry August midnight sky. Trying to blink the tears away. Then she seizes that final glance of his face, of his beautiful serene face.

His almost brown hair and the times they used to bathe together. His sharp nose and their playful moments in her room. His forehead and the heat of that one night. His fluffy lips and the number of girls he kissed. His round black eyes and that faraway look. For one last time, she takes it all in.

She approached an empty table of a midnight store. Inaudibly places her treasured camera above it. It still displays their latest photo together. She looks over the people there, happily letting the time pass by. She stares at her DLSR camera for half a minute. Then shuts it down… forever.


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