Asian Movies I Oh So Love

My ultimate pass-time activity, making time-passed worth passing, is definitely the art of movie watching. And lately, I just find the feel of Asian movies so fascinating that I came to the point of really giving in to this kind of addiction without hesitation (with one full cup of convincing powers from my internet connection and a tea-spoon of battery power) . I can’t help but Google for more and more Korean, Thai, and Pnoy titles. That watching even a glimpse of one RomCom or DramAction a day is enough dose for the overwhelming stage I find myself into. These nine titles have definitely geared my Suspension of Disbelief capacity to the next level and speed up to a series of two-hour tear-jerking, LOL-ing, action-filled kiligness with my ever-beloved laptop and media player.

B.K.O. – Bangkok Knockout [Thai, 2010]

It’s the first Thai martial arts film I’ve ever watch and made me wonder why I wasn’t able to encounter any Filipino title that featured action films that aren’t so mediocre. I actually gained interest in watching this movie because of the recommendation of my Thai friends whom I met in South Korea in a youth camp last year. And another reason? Simply because A Little Thing Called Love’s Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul was there. And I find quite amazing that she can also do stunts like the ones featured in the film. Supaksorn Chaimongkol’s martial arts are very captivating too, for a girl. The guys’ action moves seemed so realistic that I myself felt the tsug and the pang of every scene.

Moments of Love [Filipino, 2006]

I’m not a Dingdong Dantes fan but I definitely adore this movie. It’s touch of fairy tale got me mesmerized with every phone conversation they share and their every attempt to finally see each other. Love really knows no time and with Marco and Divina’s growing fondness for each other, it’s almost possible to believe that love will surpass the element of age and moments of time. I love the story. I love the ending. I love everything about it. Not to mention Dingdong Dantes and Iza Calzado’s chemistry on screen.

My Girl & I [Korean, 2005]

If you have come to like and love Windstruck (2004) and My Sassy Girl (2001), you will surely embrace this South Korean movie based on the novel Socrates in Love. I discovered that it’s actually Song Hye Kyo’s debut movie. She’s just so beautiful just like this film—both exquisite and bittersweet.

Suckseed [Thai, 2011]

Made me remember how I was way back in high school. Also made me miss my high school friends soooooooo much—all our stuck in the moment hues, our fantasy recess breaks, our first love stories, everything high school. Anyway, I loved the overall concept of this movie especially on the notion that you can really make your dreams come true. That every heart-breaking, laughing out loud moments feature different Thai bands and famous Thai songs. And the ultimate getaway? When they highlighted BODYSLAM!!! I just love them sooo, sooo much especially the song included in Little Thing Called Love, “Someday I will be good enough”.

Innocent Steps [Korean, 2005]

I’m a Moon Geun-young fan lately and because of that, I discovered this film. It actually re-ignited my love for dancing and giving me the hope that this passion for the rhythmic connivance of the body and the music will not remain as a dream forever. Though the film featured various dance sports especially samba, I know that soon I will find my own melody and dance my heart out once again. Na Young-sae, aside from his gorgeous bod, made me realize that indeed, “Success cannot bring you happiness if the one you love is far away.” He made me believe that it will always be good to dance with somebody who loves you forever, if forever does exist.

A Very Special Love [Filipino, 2008]

I’m definitely not a John Lloyd fan but I’m just having the cravings for romantic comedies. And the John Lloyd-Sarah team up for this film has satisfied my midnight RomCom addiction. They’re simply sobrang kwela and this brings matinding kilig and satisfaction for my movie watching experience. It has sent me to various LOLing madness and AWWing moments. The almost “common feel” of the story itself is the ultimate kakarelate element of this movie.

Love so Divine [Korean, 2004]

Aside from me being the latest daydreamer, this movie just came to me by accident. Or rather, I just had to watch this movie at this moment in my life. It took eight years, laughs. Although I do admire Ha Ji Won and Kwon Sang Woo, I simply adore the movie’s plot. If love can surpass the element of love, with this movie, you’ll realize that with love, you don’t actually have to surpass anything. All you’ve got to do is acknowledge the presence of it in your life, no matter where you are, no matter when it will come, no matter how it will arrive.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love [Thai, 2010]

So who hasn’t seen this movie? And the trailer even says, about 89% of those who have watched this teaser can relate to the film’s main story. And I do believe. Every person who has experienced high school and first loves can definitely put themselves in Nam and Shone’s shoes. From friendship to dreams to studies to love, all are inculcated to one 118-minute movie that would definitely bring back old, sometimes nostalgic, high school and teenage memories. A love story based from a true story of everyone. Smiles.

One More Chance [Filipino, 2007]

This is still the unbeatable John Lloyd – Bea Pinoy romantic comedy drama film of all time. From the “Minsan, it’s better for two people to break up so they can grow up. It takes grown-ups to make relationships work” line of Mark (Derek Ramsay), to Trisha’s (Maja Salvador) “I love you and I will tell you everyday, everyday until you forget the things that hurt. And how I wish I could take them away. If only it could be done but it cannot be done because you won’t let me”, to the ever popoular “She had me at my worst. You had me at my best. Pero binaliwala mo ang lahat… and you chose to break my heart” of Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha’s (Bea Alonzo) “Sana ako pa rin. Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit.”


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