Asian Movies I Oh So Love: Second Page

And since I just can’t get enough, I would give myself no restraints in relishing my movie watching experience for the past three months of the new year. These movie titles do more than revamping my spirits in this regular dailies—they make me oh so proud to be Asian. And to encapsulate those movie buffering moments, I would like to highlight the very scenes that make Asian movies worth that two-hour tear-jerking, LOL-ing, action-filled kiligness with my ever-beloved laptop and media player.

Heaven’s Postman [Korean, 2009]

The moment this 108-minute Korean masterpiece has begun, I already felt a certain sense of melancholy in it. I don’t really have the wits for sad movies but I was particularly intrigued with the movies promotional tag line: “Postman to Heaven” is a romance fantasy involving a special man and a love lorn woman.” It was as if every posting service and every mailing job is a magical moment for both Ha-na and Jae-joon. That scene inside the lighthouse, every time I recall it, always puts a pang in my heart. Like I could feel Ha-na’s pain and misery. But what really put me out my seat the first time I watched this film was that part in the coffee shop and Ha-na’s sudden paranoia of losing the very sight of Jae-joon…forever.


Veer [Hindi, 2010]

The out-of-this world musical production of this Hindi Film which stars Salman Khan as Veer Pratap Singh makes me wonder in space amidst the fight, war, and cultural scenes. I especially love the Surili song and how it made me wander the fields of “reality” to “ree-ality”. Aw. This moment makes me wanna sing it just then again… “Everytime I see your smile, I see my paradise…”


Secret [Taiwanese, 2007]

I hate to spoil, but I really had no idea what the entire 101 minutes of this film would give me. Shockingly…beautiful. All I know is that it includes Taiwanese musician, singer-songwriter, music and film producer, actor and director Jay Chou. You know? From Green Hornet (2011)? Laughs. Every rhythmic exchange and every fine tuning scene would really make you crave for the gradual progress of this movie’s main plot. I would like to specially underline the part where Ye Xianglun were able to play that sweet and mysterious music notes in harmony with Lu Xiaoyu. And what it actually entails in playing that particular piano piece.


Friendship [Thai, 2008]

Definitely, this is not just another Mario Maurer film. Although I couldn’t quite move on with him as Singha and his friends’ role and their school uniform (in shorts, really?), I find the overall plot as both heart-filled and bittersweet. And I think that’s just what I can say. I still feel Singha’s misery with the friendship he and Mituna have shared and how the movie actually ended.


Cyrano Agency [Korean, 2010]

I am just so amazed with how this particular film was delivered. Smooth, suave, simply sophisticated. It covers all the realities behind all love stories and second chances. And maybe even the reality behind the films being produced in Korea. Laughs. Nevertheless, this film is perfect for everyone no matter what your relationship status may be—single, complicated, in love, confused, bitter, or even available. LOL.


So Close [Chinese, 2002]

Although it’s not quite obvious, but I TOTALLY love action-packed films especially when the protagonist is a female. I certainly adore how they portray women in power and empowered women not just with the mental capacity but also equipped with physical strength. The actions stunts and fight scenes did take my breath away. Most specially that ending scene. LOLs.


You Changed My Life [Filipino, 2009]

Kidding aside, I imagined my life after school to be exactly like how Sarah Geronimo portrayed Laida Magtalas’ role to win her prince charming Miggy Montenegro’s heart. Not to mention that they’re in the very media industry that I have dreamt of affiliating myself in the near future. That “E ‘di masanay ka, wala naman akong balak itigil ‘to e” scene never fails to send me into fits of giggles and shrieks of kiligness. Aww. This is not just another John Lloyd film, isn’t it?


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