Coffee Break on the 22nd Level

Maybe, I’m just a sentimental fool. Bringing back memories from a photograph of you. Back to another place and time. When your love was mine. My first glimpse, as I slowly opened my eyes this morning, is the karaoke in my room, standing quiescently at the corner, booming Ariel Rivera’s 1994 song, Photograph. I hear my phone yelling at me, it’s already seven-thirty. And today’s date: 19th of the month after February.

It has been thirty-two days since I turned the vibrant phase of two and twenty. And I couldn’t help recalling the wonderful things that happened during the “Coffee Break on the 22nd Level”. It came as an “expected surprise” and even the weather gave me a very interesting present. From my mom’s officemates and BSEK colleagues, to my sister’s fresh-from-the-debut friends, up to my very own Asofamilia Berchmans, SACSI Staff Family with ‘Kuya’ Ian (LOL), and even my bestest college friend—they were all there, gracing that momentous event with my almost-impromptu birthday celebration.

I have embellished this celebration with my “Super List of 22 Things that we’re Thankful for” represented by 22 Things (uh, like material things sort of things, LOL), and matched with raffle draws and various truth or consequence gimmick. Not to mention the trying-so-hard to have a cafe-like mood through Sitt’s Bossanovafull Songs featuring my theme song “Para sa Akin”. I would like to believe that people present have not encountered this kind of birthday celebration where the guests were the ones who are receiving gifts from the celebrator. It’s just me and my family’s way of expressing our heartfelt gratitude for the blessings that The Almighty has showered and continuously showering upon us.

And for the first time, in a long time, I have once again grasp the true meaning of the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

For the different people who were there, for the caterer, for the surprise ice cream delight, for the rain showers, for the sunny afternoon sky that followed, for the blue chairs, for the three-layered cake, for that one small piece of chocolate mousse, for the coffee break, and for February 19 and more February 19s to come, Deo Gratias! Smiley.


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