My Chemical Romance

Cherry kisses on a midnight sun. You used to cuddle my ears. Smell my vanilla hair. And on the next minute, you’re gone. The clocks are watching. We’re moving wild and free. We run and fly. You and I. And on the next train, you have to say goodbye.

The sun rises. The birds on your window croons ever so gently. Like my head on your arms. Like your hand on my cheeks. It’s another day. You look at me in the eye. I feel the depth of your stare. You feel the vastness of my sky. Yes. It’s another day. It’s time to say goodbye.

We see the monogram of our orgasm. It’s vibrant. Young. Wild. And free. You and me. Your silk covers the smoothness of our night. And with all your might, the chains have vanished. And when I opened my eyes, again. You are gone.

Cherry kisses on a midnight sun. Sweet guitar lurks at the background. I never wanted to break your heart. I cupped your masculine face. Never wanting to see us apart. Your eyes are closed. Your breaths, calm and steady. But I have to go. Until the next minute. Until the next train. Until the next sunrise. The soil is dry. It didn’t rain. This time. Yes, this time. I am the one who will say goodbye.


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