Six cups of Lemonades

“Cheer up!”

That’s what people always tell people whenever our brows meet, or our lips form that infamous sad arc, or whenever they catch us staring at an empty space. Simply put, our friends’ instinct is to reverse our bad day or at least, say those magic words whenever we go through our rough and rocky days. However, nobody’s really going to tell us HOW. They just go as simple as eating your favourite chocolate ice cream or go window shopping or watch some feel-goodies.

But then again, some, if not everyone in your closest circle of friends, would say that when life gives you lemons, it’s time to make lemonades! So, yes. Maybe the first genuine step to survive a tragic day is to choose to cheer up. And then, wallow for about three minutes, and be ready to make your very own version of the most delicious lemonades on earth.

Six Versions

Laugh out loud. Now famously known as LOL-ing. Yes. A daily dose of laughter  will always be the best medicine. According to Democritus, also known as The Laughing Philosopher, cheerfulness through laughter and glee is a concrete manifestation that we are allowing ourselves to be liberated from our personal fears and insecurities. So why don’t you just spend Sunday nights on your couch and tune in to Vice Ganda’s happy banters at Gandang Gabi Vice? Not that I’m promoting. LOL.

Emote. When you display and scramble one whole bowl of exaggerated emotions doesn’t mean you’re already “emo” or maarte. Sometimes, it’s just your way of acknowledging your true feelings. Laughing out loud when you’re that happy. Crying your heart out when you’re that sad. It’s supposed to be as simple as that. So, don’t mind what other people would say about you. As long as you don’t step on somebody else’s toes (especially ones with high-end nail arts), go on and pout, holler, bellow, mope, and sulk all you want. But remember, baby, just for three minutes.

Matulog. It’s a Filipino word for sleeping. Science says that sleeping, most especially the rapid eye movement or REM state, has a vital contribution in the development of the brain. But in cases like this, it’s more of like a sign-posting. Or more of a division. A solid partition from I’m-having-a-very-bad-hair-day part going to heaven-nasa-heaven-ako (the Jolina Magdangal way) kind of day. Sometimes, it’s good to just sleep it in. Bearing in mind that the next time you open your eyes, you will have the happy-shalalala mantra and spend another day, carpe diem.

Open a bottle of Coke. Or any of your favourite drink. Or you know what’s best? Drink water. It cleanses the soul and soothes the body, decreasing the level of salt and refraining the drinking centre (a part of the brain) from creating a sensation of thirst. We all know the countless benefits that water could give to us. And maybe, avoiding a thirst for depression is one of them.

New hairstyle. Or new shoes. Or new room arrangement. Or a new hobby. Anything as simple as checking out that new Moonleaf Milk tea flavour or as grand as having a brand new cellphone with a new number. Having something new is definitely a bold move to welcome a refreshing feel in your system. It allows you to place your attention to that something rather than focusing your energy to the negativity of an event that just occurred.

Smile. One plateful of smiles. The ever ultimate chant for all seasons. Just smile. And let the sun shine on you once again. Allow the 22 or more muscles to wake up and form that beaming arc on your face. Many say that it will never hurt us if we always smile. We never know the extent of this act’s ripple effect or who is actually falling in love with us when we smile. And that simple gesture may just be your sweetest version of the best lemonade on earth.


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