Staring at a heaven here on earth and we call it Subspace

If I would have a colourful K-pop inspired, quirky intergalactic cosmos for a best friend, then Subspace Coffee House will definitely be the first in my list. One, it exhibits a smooth marriage between vintage and pop culture, as presented by the walls and mismatched chairs in every interstellar table. Two, yes, Kyu Hyun is there, staring at me while I take my cheese muffin (Php70) and sip my first ever Purple Potato Latte (hot, Php125; cold, Php140).

And of course, not to mention the presence of other K-pop stars like SNSD, 2NE1, and Big Bang through gigantic framed posters and through their K-pop madness playlist. And three, this being the primary reason why it’s going to be my bestest-friend ever, is because of the unique amalgam of their menu. It’s as if every kind of drink you’ll have will take you to another planet…or something.

Yes. I went there because of the constant pangungulit of my friend, Christine of Christine Learns the Hard Way. She discovered the place while ogling at her beloved T.O.P of Big Bang. But because we’re talking about the blend of coffee and K-pop here, I didn’t think twice.

The moment I entered this cozy coffee shop, I was instantly mesmerized by the general facade of the place. I wasn’t only swooned by Super Junior’s album photos on one of the walls, I was even welcomed by the sweet voices of Minho and Taemin of SHINee.

The second visit was more of a natural stop-over. I was dancing along the heavy winds at Emerald Avenue and when my friend, Gio of The Hungry Giant, suggested we go to Subspace, there were no second thoughts. I wanted something hot, without caffeine content (wasn’t just in the mood at the time), and went for Milk with Honey (hot, Php105; cold, Php120). I am a fan of anything made of milk, and this delicious piece surely made its way to my top 5.

The Purple Drink

I’ve been head-over-heels with coffee and the Han Kyul- Eun Chan love story ever since the First Shop of Coffee Prince outbreak in 2007. Ever since, I couldn’t take my eyes off anything k-drama and anything coffee and brown. I even made it as my 18th birthday party theme. Yes, that was my personal welcome to the world of dalagahood.

Since then, I can’t wait for the moment when I get to visit the real Coffee Prince Shop at Donghae in South Korea. Without even taking into consideration that it might just be fictional. But apparently, there really is! And so does the existence of the featured drink, Purple Potato Latte.

I get to feel the hang of it again when I encountered Chinggay Labrador’s Popped and Popped, too books published by Summit Media in 2011. It made me remember how much I craved and basically begged to taste that drink. And then, just this very Tuesday, sometime in the beginning of the August rush, I finally get to take hold of this mainstreamed drink (in the coffee prince world, at least.)

It’s delicately sweet and there’s a certain subtlety in its blend. Each sip would sweep you off your vintage seat and bring you to the loving arms of Gong Yoo (the actor who played Han Kyul). And when you open your eyes, there’s nothing to be disappointed for since the SuJu gang is just right in front of you, as if they’re with you as your tongue embraces the saccharine taste of this delectable purple drink.

Sway along the streets of F. Ortigas Jr. in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, and land at the ground level of the Grand Emerald Tower to have this rare out-of-space experience with a touch of K-pop and distinct coffee blends. I would never know how far I could get with the sweet and unique pieces of Subspace, that is why I will definitely try the Peanut Butter Latte (hot, Php130; cold, Php145) on my third galactic visit.


2 thoughts on “Staring at a heaven here on earth and we call it Subspace

    • Hey Renziboi! Yeah, we should try it some time. Or since laganap ang mga coffee shops dyan sa inyo, baka may Purple Potato Latte din dyan! It’s soooooo masarap! Ahaha. I miss you too!:D

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