The seven logical commandments of the ultimate bummer

Bum. We regard this word as somebody who is good for nothing, people who are lazybones. Also known as people who don’t have a job, spends the entire day in front of the PC or cellphone or laptop or whatnot, only gets up when s/he is hungry, occasionally looks at the clock to see if it’s time to eat, go to bed, or time to eat and go to bed. But being a bum has its own silver lining. Sometimes, it’s even an integral label for somebody who badly needs a break from the rapid flow of his/her corporate life. In fact, there are commandments that an ultimate bummer follows. And you’ll get it from an insider’s point of view.

1. Makes peace with his/her past, so it would not spoil the present.

We’ve all been fucked up at some point in our life. We take chances, then fail. We fall in love, and end up with our hearts shattered into bits and pieces. We dream, and wake up disappointed. But life is like a flowing river. It’s about moving on. So for a bummer’s precious vacant time, this is actually the perfect period to make peace with the wrecked parts of his/her past. And since today is gift that is why it’s called a present, we shouldn’t spoil it. We must appreciate it with all our hearts and do anything to make the most out of it.

2. Time heals almost everything. Give time some time.

And nothing is more apt than making this bum moment the time that time needs. It’s true that time is gold, it’s so valuable that we have no right to even waste a single second of it. But when it comes to healing wounds and coping ups, there’s no better way than to embrace the gift of time and take things slow. Don’t worsen the injury by taking things in haste. It’s the only way to keep the phantom away.

3. What others think of him/her is none of his/her business.

Definitely none of our business. Paolo Coelho in his book Aleph even stated that,

Stop thinking all the time that you’re in the way. That you are bothering the person next to you. If people don’t like it, they can complain. And if they don’t have the courage to complain, that’s their problem.

And so does the reverse of it. So, a bummer wouldn’t waste his/her precious vacant time giving a damn about what other people would say about his/her situation. Yes, you’ve got no work at the moment, you’re not even back to school for a master’s degree, and all you have is your laptop and bed. Who cares? We all know that when you would finally have that dream job and get yourself busy with the demanding tasks, this bum period will become a luxury. So just do your thing. Other people’s opinion is definitely none of your business.

4. Doesn’t compare his/her life with others. S/he has no idea what their journey is all about.

A bummer always believes that we all have our own story to tell. But to tell it thoroughly, we have to include the nitty-gritty parts. And nobody knows those brass tracks except for us. And us alone. So there is no point in comparing what we have to tell to the stories of other people. And yes, simply because we have no idea about the nuts and bolts of their life. Us, bums, spend free time with other people over coffee or socialize with strangers at a bar and just allow them to share their tales. We give more of our energy when it’s already our turn to relate our own version of scoops and yarns.

5. Stop thinking too much. It’s alright not to know all the answers.

And this is our golden rule. Bum time is about free time. And free time is about liberating our hearts and minds from the worries of this material world. We all know we’re going to share that part the moment we get accepted for a job post. So for this precious vacant time, we avoid thinking too much. We may have a lot of existential and open-ended questions in times like these, but in the end, give up to the realization that it’s actually alright not to know all the answers. They will just come at the right time and in the right place.

6. No one is the reason of our happiness except ourselves.

Yes. Because we are the captain of our own ships. We navigate the flow. We determine the stop-over. We dictate where and how we should have fun. We define happiness. You term what makes you happy. Nobody else but you. Period.

7. Smile because s/he doesn’t own all the problems in the world.

It speaks for itself. No need for further embellishments. Just smile. Let the rain fall. Let the sun shine. Just smile. And everything will be alright. We will get that job. We will have that master’s degree. In God’s own time. Smiley face.


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