Books + Coffee = Press Cafe

“A cozy, quiet spot, a fresh cup of coffee, and a good book… These are some of the best things in life.”

I’ve always been inspired by this bookmark quote. Books are my bestest friends and my closest companions. And since the Coffee Prince days, I have been mesmerized by the enticing power of caffeine. So having a rainy afternoon, cuddled in bed with the latest Nicholas Sparks novel and a cup of my favourite coffee and a slice of cake in the bedside table, is the perfect day for me. I couldn’t ask for more. And then I discovered Press Cafe.

Located at 121-A, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Dr., cor. Estrella St., Makati City, this coffee shop is for bookworms and coffee addicts alike. It’s located near Fully Booked, so the fabulous world of page-turners is just around the corner. I first encountered a review of this cafe in one of the Candy Magazine issues and decided that when the world would conspire and provide me with the perfect moment to spend one sunny afternoon with books and coffee, I will definitely go there.

So one humid Friday afternoon, I had the time and fortunately also had the bucks. I knew immediately where to go. Rockwell Power Plant Mall isn’t hard to find, what with the friendly traffic officers and affable Makati people lurking in every corner. And most especially, with the gigantic Fully Booked label hanging at the high-end of the last floor, it would be impossible to miss Press Cafe.

Admittedly, I was on a high at the time. So I was up for a string of sweet drinks. First I had a Hot Chocolate (Php165) which I undeniably partnered with their Press Mango Cake. Their hot choco’s  distinct taste reminded of me of the raw chocolate I used to love drinking whenever I visit my lolo sa bukid. Its tantalizing aroma made me forget my anxieties and think of all my childhood memories with my beloved grandfather.

As I said, I was a bit on a high at the time so I wasn’t contended and still went for an Affogato (Php100). It wasn’t what I expected though. No bowl with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a cute barista pouring pure coffee over them. It was served like the usual cold coffee with one scoop of vanilla serving on top. And to make it more dissuading, it tastes like water, coffee flavour.

So forget the ice cream-plus-coffee part. I did enjoy eyeing the Fifty Shades book covers candidly displayed in one of the big shelves in the nearby bookstore. Not to mention I had one of my rare Cosmopolitan Magazine moments and got one inspiring quote that has something to do with my bum mode, “It’s a case of recognizing opportunities when they come your way—and knowing what to do with them.” And being surrounded by books and divulging in saccharine drinks is definitely a welcoming opportunity to spend some me-time and forget some worries for the mean time.


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