Fan-girl mode: Donghae Oppa

I have no authentic records of being the ultimate fan-girl in the fan-girling society or even in the online community, may it be for the K-pop world or the J-pop universe. But let this be my greatest exception.

Photo courtesy of Siwonielove.

The first time I’ve heard “Sorry, sorry”, I know I will love Super Junior for the rest of my life. For their nakakakilig voices, for their nakaka-in-love dance moves, for their kwiyupta faces, not to mention their stunning charms and bods, name it. But at the time, maybe two or three years ago, Kyuhyun was still the main face almost all girls I know have learned to adore. So Kyuhyun it is. And it’s only seconds ago when I found out that he was actually that very last person to join this mainstreamed K-pop boy group under SM Entertainment.

Photo courtesy of Blue Territory.

One night, I was browsing one of my favourite sites, Then, I encountered one of the coming-soon Korean dramas which will feature one of the Super Junior (SuJu) members, Donghae. It’s his first drama where he will play the lead role. It even has a cute title, 판다 양과 고슴도치 (Pan-da-gwa-yang Go-seum-do-chi), now currently airing their fourth episode.  Donghae is Ji Seung Ko, a genius patissier who has some interesting issues about his past. He’s with Yoon Seung Ah who plays Yang Da Pan, owner of Cafe Panda where Seung Ko will soon be a part of. I haven’t given it enough attention just yet.

And then one humid afternoon, while lurking around Alabang, I had to come across an enlarged photo of two of SuJu’s members, quiescently posted in front of a Pinoy clothing line, Bench. They’re Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae. I couldn’t take my eyes off Donghae. And little did I know that that would be the turning-point where my fan-girl revival will begin.

Photo courtesy of Korea Observer.

Ever since that moment, every time I see Donghae at the gargantuan Bench billboards along EDSA, I couldn’t help but squeal in delight inside the bus. Yes, the driver threw a WTF glance my way. It has been a long time since I actually allowed myself to be this crazy and head-over-heels with a celebrity. And I mean this CRRRRRAZY and HEAD-OVERRRRRR-HEELS with a celebrity. And I mean, a verrrrry long time. Wanna know how long? The last time I was like this oh-so-delighted fan girl was during the Meteor Garden fever. I couldn’t get enough of Jerry Yan at the time. See, it was thaaaaat long.

Lee Donghae, popularly known as Donghae is four years older than me. Laughs. According to his page in  Wikipedia, he originally wanted to be a professional athlete but because of the influence of his father, he chose to become a singer instead. And maybe because of that could’ve been and some other requirements in the industry he’s in, he was able to maintain his gorgeous physique.

Photo courtesy of Daum.

I really can’t put my hands on what’s with him. Maybe his oh-so-swoon-worthy eyes or that intense look, or his distinct voice, or his graceful moves. Or maybe the character he portrays in Miss Panda and Hedgehog as that lost boy who only wanted to make his dreams come true. AND as a superb baker who makes lovely cakes!

Photo courtesy of Korea Portal.

But I don’t really want to give full attention to the WHY. I just want to focus on the WHAT. I’m glad that the fan-girl in me is still alive and kicking. I’m uber happy that I get to be oh-so kilig in front of every Bench store in town once again. In fact, while strolling along TriNoma, I saw THAT huge poster again and I can’t stifle my giggle. The guy standing on the side had to take a double glance at me and gave one is-she-okay look. Yes, I’m THAT open when I turn my fan-girl mode on. I can’t imagine what I could’ve done if I attended their publicity stint at this same mall last August 15. Drool.

Photo courtesy of Emma Lee.

So, thank you Donghae oppa for giving me back my shallow madness. Through this not-so-subtle mode/behaviour, I know I would be able to survive my bum mode with twinkling eyes and race-car like heart beat. My ears are actually roaring at this very moment as I listen to your song, “Plz Don’t”, your very own K-drama’s OST. Can’t wait for episode five!


2 thoughts on “Fan-girl mode: Donghae Oppa

  1. Glad to see Donghae brings our inner fangirl out of all of us. Even boys xD There really is something about Donghae that you can’t quite put your finger on why he puts this effect on us, is there? I’ve just now chucked it up to him being perfect. He sings, he dances, he acts, he models, he’s kindhearted, he’s handsome. *sigh* You are a lucky lady to be able to see those Bench billboards and posters in person.

    • “There really is something about Donghae that you can’t quite put your finger on why he puts this effect on us, is there?” I totally agree. He has this mysterious effect on me (and I bet to all of his fans all over the world as well) and not being able to label it, for me, is the most exquisite aspect of being his fan. I wonder where you’re from… Take care and my heartfelt thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

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