Dreaming my Buko Salad Dreams

Just like how I started with my amateur novel in second year high school entitled, STRAWBERRY, and how the group T.U.G (The Universal Girls) was formed way, way back in grade school, Buko Salad Dreams is also a product of a random dream.

I was a college senior then when I finally decided that I want to come up with my very own blog site. Blogging, at the time, was uber rare because not all people wanted to make use of words and more words and just words. They’re more into photo uploading and tagging and 140-character shout outs. I remember, even Tumblr was even considered as a pure blogging site then. I know few good writers who maintains their own site, hosted by blogspot. I knew even Gio started there. Christine, until now, still has her Mi Vida. Maila and Karen also inspired me to really begin immortalizing my works by uploading it over the world wide web.

One night, I was really into conceptualizing my very own blog. It would be an epitome of all things I love—from shades of brown to coffee to sweets and everything in between. I was drifting to sleep when a notion suddenly pops up. For me, the idea that “dreams do come true” is an idea that is “too good to be true”. I don’t know where I got that. But deep inside me, I know I wanted to believe that dreams are, indeed, real. That, in the tiniest bit of reality, dreams play a very vital role in one’s life. That they should not be overlooked. That they should not be ignored. Dreams fuel the direction of our lives. Without them, we wouldn’t have any idea where to go or what to do with our lives.

So, thus is the birth of Buko Salad Dreams. Friends find it a little bit weird. The concept is somewhat disoriented or just simply incompatible. But the fact that, for me, it sounds oh so damned perfect, is what really matters. So I started my Tumblr account.  But somehow, the themes and templates just didn’t suit my preferences for a dream blog. Thanks to Kuya Kurt, I was able to discover WordPress.

I began writing and posting and dreaming and writing and posting, just then again and again. Today, it has been a year already. I even entered the online community not bringing my identity. I created Dona Pisa (for Dawn and Peace), my alter ego. Or just rather my pen name. I couldn’t remember what kind of perspective I had back then, but I didn’t want the whole world to know that I have a blog. Maybe because it was supposed to be treated like a secret that is out there, and it’s up for the curios to look up for it. They had to make an effort. I wouldn’t even dare talk about it.

But now, I realize that telling the world this secret yourself is like giving the universe a chance to hear what your deepest desires are. Blame The Secret for this line of thought. But I do believe that you have to let the entire galaxy know about your ambitions, shout it out, attract the right energies and the whole world will conspire to help you achieve it (The Alchemist).

So what is my dream? My dream and my deepest desire? Secret. Laughs. I believe that if you have been tracking my other 123 posts, you will definitely see the bigger picture of my own personal dreams. However, Paolo Coelho said in The Alchemist,

And dreams are the language of God. When he speaks in our language, I can interpret what he has said. But if he speaks in the language of the soul, it is only you who can understand.

So, I’m blogging because it’s the language of my soul. I plan to retain in the ‘personal blog’ category and not going after hits and popularity. This is just a blog of a plain and simple girl who wanted to share her Buko Salad Dreams to the whole world. Yes. This is Joan Mae Amora-Barredo’s blog.

Happy one year, Neon Trances!


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