So, let’s talk about Boys and The Perfect Guy

Does Mr. Right One really exist? Is Mr. Ideal Guy real? Is there really The Perfect Man?

Well, perfection is now a common philosophy. They say that the perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect dress, the perfect blend, the perfect man do exist. It’s a state of mind. And the only person who can make something perfect is we, ourselves. We define the perfect life. We chase the perfect job. We save for the perfect dress. We make the perfect blend. And we find the perfect man.

And as for me, it’s actually very stimulating to face an avenue where I would finally embrace my own set of perfections. Things I never thought I had playing inside my head. Especially when it comes to that perfect man. This perfect love life. The perfect love story.

I recently took a challenge where I had to create a universal catalogue of my very own version of Mr. Right. I have to identify the qualities that I like about a guy, visually come up with a “character checklist”. Naming every aspect—from that matipuno bod to those soulful eyes to that charming smile. So, I’m taking this shot with so much brevity with the notion at the back of my mind, the notion that I have to let the universe know about this and literally “order” the kind of guy I want.

Though he doesn’t really have to be so gwapo and macho, but there are certain qualities that would really add pogi points to that guy. I wasn’t totally aware of this, but I find chinito guys appealing. What I’m aware though is that the first thing I usually notice in a guy is his eyes. How soulful, how unfathomable, how vibrant those eyes could be.

And of course, he has to have this dashing smile. Not just for the sake of displaying those perfect white teeth but for showing the world that he’s a happy man. That he’s not afraid of sharing the gift of smiles to others. And this would actually reflect his sense of humor which, for me, is a big plus factor.

In my world, the perfect guy must be either a good singer or a good dancer or both. Though I prefer if he has the moves more than the voice. Singing and dancing—they’re universal forms of self-expression and it would be very nice if he would be able to convey his feelings through graceful steps and poignant rhythms from time to time.

He must have a sense of adventure, creativity, and sensitivity. And if he does, there will be no dull moments. As if every second is worth anticipating. He knows how to bake cakes. He drives. Like really drive. And he loves kids.

But above all, I just want someone who believes that “to love is not to look at one another: it is to look, together, in the same direction (Antoine de Saint Exupéry).” He may be the lead actor of a Japanese or Thai movie or a member of a K-pop boy group or someone I just knew through the internet. He may have those vibrant eyes and dashing smile. As long as he’s someone who would grow old with me, who sees the future in the same direction as mine, who would hold my hand and believes in ever afters, then he is my Mr. Right.



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